School of the Environment

You interact with the environment everyday, and so do the other 7 billion inhabitants of planet Earth. Sharing our planet, our country, our state and our suburb with others means there are big issues around the food we eat, the water we drink and swim in, the air we breathe, the houses we live in … the list is long!

Consider these aspects: in a warmer South Australia heatwave-related deaths will increase, the availability of water will be critical, risks associated with water quality will be elevated, the risks of property loss from forest fires will increase, agriculture will change, and food security will be affected.  Adelaide and our rural towns will grow, we will need to plan that growth for warmer world and so as to manage risks to human health and the environment.  As our mining sector booms we have to safeguard against environmental damage.

Research undertaken in our School is the key to solving problems like these.  It helps in understanding the science of the environments we live in, and how to better manage current and future environments and the risks posed to people’s quality of life.

Teaching in our School centres on passing this knowledge on to others by training tomorrow’s environmental decision-makers, managers and scientists.

In doing so, we combine the work of Environmental Managers, Environmental Health professionals, Geographers, Geologists, Hydrologists, Meteorologists, Oceanographers, and Population experts.



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Welcome to the Bachelor of Environment

The Bachelor of Environment is new in 2014.

We welcome new students to the course and encourage them to download the handy presentation below.



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