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EU-AU Exchange Programme Scholarships in Water Resource Management

Study Abroad! Students in any postgraduate program (taught or research) within the University are eligible to apply to undertake part of their studies in water resource management in any of the following universities: University of Dundee (Scotland), Technical University of Delft (Holland), Technical University of Dresden (Germany)

For more information, visit the International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM).  You can also contact Professor Nancy Cromar.

EU-AU Exchange Programme Scholarships in Sustainable Environmental Management

The Global Environmental Sustainability Project (GESP) offers placement to undergraduate students who will be on their second, third or fourth (honours) year at the time of their placement for one semester with an overseas partner for a fixed period with pro-rata grants. There are four participating EU universities: University of Dundee (Scotland), University of Wroclaw (Poland), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Johannes Kepler University (Austria)

Full details under the GESP are pending finalisation but interested staff and students are encouraged to contact Professor Nancy Cromar.

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