Groundwater and Water Resources


The Groundwater and Water Resources expertise at Flinders University has a world class reputation in groundwater research. It is home to the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

The mission of this expertise group is to secure and sustain water resources for the environment and societies in the changing world. We pursue exciting new research in the field of groundwater and connected surface and ecohydrological systems in support and benefit of societal problems of water, land, environmental and energy resources management. Our research has vital links to all important biophysical and social interfaces that critically underpins integrated environmental and resource management. 


Research Expertise

  • Groundwater hydrology (Craig Simmons, Okke Batelaan, Adrian Werner, Ilka Wallis, Peter Cook, Andy Love, Huade Guan, Erick Bestland)
  • Subsurface flow and transport modelling (Craig Simmons, Okke Batelaan, Adrian Werner, Ilka Wallis, Peter Cook)
  • Distributed hydrological modelling (Okke Batelaan, Craig Simmons, Adrian Werner, Ilka Wallis)
  • Coastal hydrogeology (Adrian Werner, Craig Simmons, Okke Batelaan, Peter Cook, Patrick Hesp)
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction (Peter Cook, Okke Batelaan, Margaret Shanafield, Erick Bestland, Adrian Werner, Craig Simmons)
  • Ecohydrology and soil (Huade Guan, Okke Batelaan, Erick Bestland, Peter Cook, Margaret Shanafield)
  • Hydrometeorology and hydroclimatology (Huade Guan, Okke Batelaan, Graziela Miot da Silva)
  • Urban hydrology and hydrogeology (Okke Batelaan, Huade Guan, Craig Simmons, Ilka Wallis, Peter Cook)
  • Isotope hydrology and environmental tracers (Peter Cook, Andy Love, Erick Bestland,  Huade Guan, Margaret Shanafield)
  • Remote sensing of environment and water (Okke Batelaan, Huade Guan)
  • Wastewater treatment and management (Howard Fallowfield, Harriet Whiley, Michael Taylor)
  • Water quality and health (Howard Fallowfield, Harriet Whiley, Michael Taylor)
  • Climate change impact on hydrological systems (Okke Batelaan, Craig Simmons, Adrian Werner, Huade Guan, Ilka Wallis, Erick Bestland)
  • Water resources management and policy (Okke Batelaan, Craig Simmons)


Supervision Opportunities

We have a large group of PhD students and are keen to start new PhD projects with motivated candidates with good hydro(geo)logical training, experimental and numerical skills. Research Projects gives a list of potential projects for RHD students for a start in the coming year. 

Postdoctorates or visiting researchers interested in working with us are invited to contact us. You can contact anyone of the staff members to discuss research possibilities and funding opportunities.


Relevant degree programs

We offer a vibrant research and study environment in groundwater and water resources. For undergraduate students we offer within the BSc specializations in HydrologyEnvironmental Science, and Majors in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources and Environmental Geology. For postgraduate students we offer Masters degrees with research opportunities in Groundwater HydrologyWater Resources Management, as well as in Environmental Health. Other degree programs can be found on the University's courses web pages



The School of the Environment (inc NCGRT) has facilities and equipment for a wide range of groundwater, surface water, soil and water quality research including;

  • State-of-the-art computing facilities, hydrological and groundwater modelling software
  • Field and laboratory equipment:
    • Mehtrom Ion Chromatograph
    • Picarro stable water isotope analyser
    • SSM-5000A + TOC-L for carbon measurement
    • Sand tank and column laboratory
    • Geophysical instrument (ERT, EM, downhole tools)
    • Ecohydrological instrument (photosynthesis analyser, WP4-T, stem psychrometers, sapflow meters, pressure chambers, soil respiration system, eddy covariance system)
    • Comprehensive sampling equipment for water quality analysis
  • Long-term critical zone monitoring sites (e.g. The Willunga Basin)
  • Pilot-scale systems for wastewater treatment and biofiltration