Testing groundwater and water resources

Research Projects and Grants

  • National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT), (Director Prof Craig Simmons)

  • Integrated water, soil and nutrient management for sustainable farming systems in south central coastal Vietnam and Australia (Prof Okke Batelaan, Dr Margaret Shanafield)
  • Cross-cultural management of freshwater on resource-constrained islands (LP150100588) (Prof Okke Batelaan, Dr Eddie Banks)
  • Groundwater Resources for Mining (Prof. Peter Cook, Prof. Craig Simmons)
  • Australian Groundwater Modelling Guidelines (Prof Craig Simmons, Prof Peter Cook, Dr Vincent Post, Prof Adrian Werner), National Water Commission, NCGRT, SKM
  • Sustainable groundwater management practices in complex coastal settings (Prof. Adrian Werner), ARC Future Fellow
  • Predicting groundwater replenishment in arid catchments, (Dr. Margaret Shanafield), ARC DECRA
  • Investigating water and energy fluxes partitioning under non-uniform terrain and plant cover conditions, (Dr. Hugo Gutierrez), ARC DECRA
  • Near-surface geophysics for water supply investigation for the water constrained aboriginal community of Milingimbi Island, Australia (Prof Okke Batelaan, Dr Eddie Banks, Prof Peter Cook, Dr Vincent Post), Grant US Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation, Geoscientists Without Borders
  • Integrated water, soil and nutrient management for sustainable farming systems in South Central Coastal Vietnam and Australia (Prof Okke Batelaan, Dr Margaret Shanafield). Project is funded by Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
  • An investigation of Floodplain freshwater lenses in River Murray floodplains (Prof. Adrian Werner, Dr. Juliette Woods)
  • Hydrogeology of Great Artesian Basin (A/Prof Andy Love)
  • Facilitating Long-Term Outback Water Solutions: Stage 2 (G-Flows Stage 2), (A/Prof Andrew Love, Prof Okke Batelaan, A/Prof Erick Bestland, Prof Adrian Werner)
  • Assessment of Adelaide Plains Groundwater Resources (Prof Okke Batelaan, Prof Peter Cook, Prof John Doherty, Dr Vincent Post, Prof Craig Simmons, Prof Adrian Werner, Dr Eddie Banks, Dr Etienne Bresciani, Dr Jordi Batlle-Aguilar) South-East Regional Water Balance - Phase 2 (Dr Nikki Harrington, Dr Leanne Morgan, Prof Adrian Werner)
  • Groundwater monitoring and infrastructure for climate change assessment (Prof Craig Simmons, Prof Peter Cook, Dr Eddie Banks), Super Science – Marine and Climate. Department of Innovation Industry, Science and Research.
  • Atoll Island Hydrology in the Pacific (Dr Vincent Post, Prof Adrian Werner). SPC, Suva Fiji, ANU Canberra
  • Agrochemical fate modelling LEACHM (Dr John Hutson), Cornell University
  • Monitoring and modelling ecohydrological states and processes: towards a better understanding of ecosystems responses to climate variability and changes (A/Prof. Huade Guan, Prof. Okke Batelaan, Prof. Craig Simmons)
  • Investigation of urban hydrology from aquifers to the atmosphere: toward integrated management of water, energy, and carbon in urban environments. (Prof. Okke Batelaan, Prof. Craig Simmons, A/Prof. Huade Guan, Dr. Ilka Wallis)
  • The Adelaide Urban Heat Island Project (A/Prof. Huade Guan), State Government, Adelaide City Council, SA Water, Flinders University
  • Coastal Wetland Carbon Capture Project (A/Prof Erick Bestland), Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board
  • Lake-groundwater-river interactions: Poyang Lake (China) (Prof Adrian Werner), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Flinders University
  • Interaction between groundwater and surface water, Pilbara, WA. (Prof Peter Cook, Sarah Bourke), Rio Tinto
  • Groundwater recharge and groundwater - surface water interaction in the Heihe Basin, China (Prof Peter Cook, Dr Margaret Shanafield, Dr Guoliang Cao; Dr Yueqing Xie), Peking University, Flinders University
  • Groundwater discharge to surface streams of the Burdekin floodplain, Qld (Prof Peter Cook, Roger Cranswick), Queensland DERM
  • Groundwater in Willunga Basin (Prof Peter Cook, Dr Eddie Banks, Dr Vincent Post, Michele Irvine, Dr James McCallum, Dr Maria Pool), SA DEWNR, AMLR NRM Board
  • Myponga Reservoir Catchment (A/Prof Erick Bestland), ARC Linkage, SA Water


















Selected Publications

Complete publication lists are available on the webpage of each member.

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