Landscapes and communities in the field        Landscapes and communities in the lab

Research Projects

  • The Assam Wellbeing Index. Funded by the Government of Assam. (Dr Udoy Saikia; Dr Jim Chalmers; A/Prof Gour Dasvarma)
  • Australian Feral Camel Project - media analysis. Funded by Ninti-One: Innovation for remote Australia (Dr Beverley Clarke)
  • Institutional and Social Barriers to Science impact, Theme 2 Socio-cultural investigation. Funded by CSIRO (Dr Beverley Clarke)
  • Community participation in Red tourism (Prof Iain Hay)
  • Plutonomy, new geographies of the middle classes and tourism futures in the second Gilded Age (Prof Iain Hay)
  • Sense of place – McLaren Vale. Funded by the Southern Knowledge Transfer Partnership (Prof Andrew Millington, Kathryn Bellette, Rob Keane)
  • Illegal (coca-cocaine) and illegal (cereal) commodity chains as drivers of land use change (Prof Andrew Millington)
  • Early land clearance and contemporary vegetation communities in savanna landscapes (Prof Andrew Millington)
  • Land use change and aquifer recharge in SE South Australia. Funded by The Goyder Institute for Water Research. (Prof Andrew Millington, Dr Nikki Harrington, Stephen Fildes)
  • Land use change and ecosystem services in South Australian rural landscapes. Funded by Flinders University (Prof Andrew Millington, Dr Harpinder Sandhu)
  • Ecosystems services in agro-ecosystems (Dr Harpinder Sandhu)
  • Identifying and Assessing Natural Assets and Ecosystem Services in the City of Onkaparinga, South Australia. Funded by SA Water and DEWNR (Prof Andrew Millington, Dr Harpinder Sandhu, Kathryn Bellette).
  • Algae for Energy and a Wastewater Solution. (Funded by CRC for High Integrity Pork). (Prof Howard Fallowfield).
  • Application of biofilters for the removal of nutrients and organic contaminants from water and wastewater. Funded by Hunan University. (Prof Howard Fallowfield, Prof Nancy Cromar)
  • Energy from Algae. Funded by the Smart Water Fund. (Prof Howard Fallowfield, Prof Nancy Cromar)
  • Obtaining a better estimate of the risks associated with wastewater irrigated salad crops in Australia and China. Funded by Hunan University. (Prof Howard Fallowfield, Prof Nancy Cromar)
  • Lizard-hosted microbiological-human crossovers rural health issues (Dr Kirstin Ross)
  • Strongyloides research program, including understanding geographical and environmental distribution, and control using fungi species and environmental alteration. Funded by Flinders University (Dr Kirstin Ross)
  • Risk assessment of chemicals at illegal methamphetamine laboratories. Funded by Housing SA/SA Police (A/Prof John Edwards)
  • Risk-based decision-making for skin decontamination for CBR incidents. Funded by the Defense Science and Technology Organisation (A/Prof John Edwards)
  • Effect of genetically modified foods on rats (A/Prof John Edwards)

Selected Publications

Complete publication lists are available on the webpage of each member.

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