Academic staff

David Bass Dr David Bass - Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies, Bachelor of Environmental Management

Research: Environmental weeds; Geography


Professor Okke Batelaan - Strategic Professor of Hydrogeology and Director of Studies, Graduate Certificate in Science and Graduate Diploma in Science (Water Resource Management) and Master of Science (Water Resource Management)

Research: Hydrogeology, groundwater modelling and measuring aquifer consumption and recharge

Simon Benger Dr Simon Benger - Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies, BA Geography, Environment Studies, Earth Sciences

Research: Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing of Environment, Water Resources, Rivers and Wetlands; GeoHealth

John Bennett Dr John Bennett - Senior Lecturer  

Research: Air/sea interface interactions; aeolian sand transport; water energy balance; shallow water circulation

Richard Bentham Associate Professor Richard Bentham - Associate Professor of Environmental Health

Research: Legionella ecology in control in soils and water systems; Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils; Rhizoremediation of hydrocarbon and pesticide contaminated soils; Anaerobic digestion of solid wastes; Human health risk assessment

Eric Bestland Associate Professor Erick Bestland - Senior Lecturer

Research: Ancient Terrestrial Ecosystems & Fossil Soils; Environmental Hydrology and Biogeochemical Cycles; Geomorphology and Pedology

Dr Beverley Clarke - Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies, Master of Environmental Management 

Research: Integrated Coastal Management; Australian Coastal Policy Development; Community participation in environmental management; Development of performance indicators for participation; Environmental Impact Assessment; Natural Resource Management Policy; Natural Resource Management Program evaluation

Peter Cook Professor Peter Cook - Professor of Hydrology, Deputy Director of National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) 

Research: Hydrology, ecohydrology, isotope hydrology and unsaturated zone flow. Key research focus in the use of environmental tracers to quantify groundwater flow rates and the integration of tracer and hydraulic methods. Aquifers recharge, quantification of groundwater discharge to streams and wetlands, and assessment of groundwater dependent ecosystems; chlorofluorocarbons as a groundwater dating tool; likely impacts of groundwater extraction on ecosystems.

Nancy Cromar Professor Nancy Cromar - Professor of Environmental Health 

Research: Health-related water microbiology; health risk assessment and management of environmental health issues; recreational water qualtiy; implementing and assessing drinking water programs.

Cecile Cutler Cecile Cutler - Lecturer

Research: Migration and settlement patterns particularly in Australia but also overseas; the changing political and economic situation in Asia, especially Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia; improving and developing innovative University teaching strategies particularly the successful application of flexible delivery techniques; regional development policies in Australia, UK and USA

Dr Caecilia Ewenz -  Lecturer and Director of Studies, Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

Research: Micro Meteorology, Urban Heat Islands, The physics of the fog at Edinburgh Airport, South Australia

Gour Dasvarma Associate Professor Gour Dasvarma - Associate Professor of Demography and Co-Director of Graduate Program in Applied Population Studies

Research: Women's health (including reproductive health); child mortality; fertility and family planning; HIV/AIDS research; human resource development and population policies

Samantha De Ritter Samantha De Ritter - Lecturer and Director of First Year Studies

John Edwards Associate Professor John Edwards - Associate Professor of Environmental Health, Associate Dean Teaching and Learning

Research: Illegal drug laboratories and associated chemical and societal risk assessment; assessment and remediation of properties contaminated with chemicals. Chemical incidents and chemical weapons - evidence-based approaches to reducing toxic effects. Pesticide exposures in farming communities and potential adverse effects.Toxicity of anemone venoms and their role in clownfish colonisation.

Howard Fallowfield Professor Howard Fallowfield - Professor of Environmental Health and Director of Honours Programmes

Research: Health aspects of water quality across a range of aquatic environments. Design and operation of high rate lagoons for abattoir waste treatment; application of algae and bacteria to wastewater treatment with focus on Waste Stabilisation Ponds; effects of biofilms in drinking water treatment and distribution systems; contaminant loads entering the metropolitan Adelaide coastal environment; algal biotechnology aimed at exploiting commercially algal biomass.

Stephen Fildes Stephen Fildes - Lecturer and Director of Studies, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma of Geographical Information Systems

Research: GIS:remote sensing and digital image analysis; Sparse vegetation community mapping using imaging spectrometry; Environmental condition assessment of semi-arid rangelands using remote sensing; Estimating evapotranspiration and groundwater recharge using remote sensing; Knowledge-based expert systems and the integration of remotely sensed and GIS data; Land-cover classification and change detection analysis; Biodiversity and conservation

Dean Forbes Professor Dean Forbes - Professor of Urban Geography

Research: Cities, universities and knowledge-based development; Strengthening urban slum upgrading and urban governance in Southeast Asian cities

Huade Guan Dr Huade Guan - Senior Lecturer

Research: Hydrometeorology (precipitation, evapotranspiration, urban heat island) and Hydrology (groundwater recharge, environmental tracers, water quality)

Jorg Hacker Associate Professor Jorg Hacker - Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Chief Scientist and Director of Airborne Research Australia

Research: Planetary boundary layer; Aircraft instrumentation; Airborne laser scanning; Airborne hyper-spectral scanning; Evapo(transpira)tion from vegetated surfaces measured by airborne and ground based techniques; Structure of the convection in the PBL; Sea breeze circulations; Inhomogeneous planetary boundary layer; Airborne air quality monitoring; Flight testing

Professor Iain Hay - Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Human Geography

Research: Economic, cultural and social geography; Geographies of domination and oppression; Geographies of the super-rich; Qualitative methods and research ethics; Geographical education


Professor Patrick Hesp - Strategic Professor in Coastal Studies, Associate Dean Research 

Research: Coastal geomorphology, dynamics and management; Aeolian geomorphology; Dune dynamics; Surfzone-beach-dune interactions.

John Hutson Dr John Hutson - Senior Lecturer

Research: Soil physics and chemistry, water and solute movement in soils, salinity and the fate of agricultural chemicals. Spatial groundwater recharge patterns, the impact of soil and land management on nutrient and pesticide leaching to groundwater; salinity control in irrigation; and water and chemical dynamics in acid sulfate soils.

Associate Professor Jochen Kaempf - Associate Professor in Oceanography,  Director of Studies, Bachelor of Science (Major in Earth Sciences) and Director of Research Higher Degrees

Research: Coastal & estuarine oceanography; Transport time-scale analysis (e.g. flushing time) and marine connectivity; Coastal upwelling & upwelling in shelf-break canyons; Mixed-layer dynamics & oceanic convection; Suspended sediment dynamics (e.g. turbidity currents); Deep-ocean processes & mixing; Pollutant dispersal (e.g. desalination brine)

Mark Lethbridge Dr Mark Lethbridge - Lecturer and Director of Studies, Bachelor of Geographical Information Systems

Research: Application of spatial and population modelling

Andrew Millington Professor Andrew Millington - Professor of Land Change Science and Dean, School of the Environment 

Research: Vegetation remote sensing, land change science, biogeography.

Dr Graziela Miot Da Silva- Lecturer in Earth Sciences, Coastal and Marine Geology

 Research: Environmental science and management, geology and oceanography.

Vincent Post Dr Vincent Post - Lecturer

Research: Interactions between fresh and saline groundwater, coastal hydrogeology and seawater intrusion; Groundwater/surface water interaction, including submarine groundwater discharge; Palaeohydrology; Reactive transport modelling and code development

Dr Kirstin Ross - Lecturer in Environmental Health and Director of Studies, Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health Practices.
Convenor of the National Short Courses in Environmental Health

Research: Environmental toxicology, Indigenous environmental health issues, community engagement in environmental health issues       

Udoy Saikia Dr Udoy Saikia - Senior Lecturer in Applied Population Studies and Co-Director of Graduate Program in Applied Population Studies

Research: Gender; Population and Development; Development in Transitional Societies; Sustainable Development; Globalisation; Capacity Development; Women's Empowerment; HIV/AIDS research and training; population policies; demographic and fertility analysis

Craig Simmons Professor Craig Simmons - Professor of Hydrogeology and Director of National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT)

Research: Includes variable density groundwater flow phenomena; salinity, salt interception, disposal basins, floodplain hydrology; groundwater/surface water interaction; groundwater dependent ecosystems; groundwater discharge in coastal aquifers / seawater intrusion / coastal hydrogeology; aquifer storage and recovery; fractured rock hydrogeology / regolith hydrology; contaminant, stochastic subsurface hydrology; porous media flow phenomena; groundwater flow and solute transport modelling.

gertrude_szili Gertrude Szili - Lecturer

Research: Critical Human Geography, including: urban governance and entrepreneurialism; environmental ethics and politics; corporate environmentalism; sustainable development; place making and city marketing; urban and regional planning; qualitative research methods; Geography education; media analysis; Ecolinguistics.

Michael Teubner Dr Michael Teubner - Lecturer 

Research: Salinity intrusion in coastal aquifers; computational fluid dynamics.

Adrian Werner Associate Professor Adrian Werner - Associate Professor in Hydrogeology

Research: Seawater intrusion and saline water up-coning; Coastal aquifer hydrology and tidal impacts;
Surface water-groundwater interaction; Vadose zone processes; Riparian zone hydrology; Groundwater Resource Management

Other Teaching Staff

Dr Jim Chalmers   

Paul Green 

Dr James Smith 

Maria Zotti  

Wil Van Deur 

Research staff

Jordi Batlle Aquilar Dr Jordi Batlle Aquilar 
Edward Banks Edward Banks 

Natalie Bolton

Research: Health related aspects of wastewater treatment and reuse, mechanisms of pathogen removal and inactivation from water.

Neil Buchanan

Research: The performance of High Rate Algal Ponds in treating wastewater and producing algal biomass for energy production

Judy Carman Associate Professor Judy Carman

Photo unavailableLu Chunhui  
Professor Geoffrey Codd  
Dr Sharyn Gaskin 

Dr Hugo Gutierrez-Jurado

Research: Ecohydrology, field instrumentation, and remote sensing based terrain analyses.

Mark Keppel Mark Keppel

Photo unavailable Dr Wolfgang Lieff 

Andrew Love Dr Andrew Love

Photo unavailable Dr Andrew McGrath

Photo unavailable Dr Neville Robinson

Photo unavailableDr Michael Scott

Dr Harpinder Sandhu

Research: Theory and practice of ecosystem services; Land use/cover change and impacts on ecosystem services; Socio-economic valuation of ecosystem services and climate adaptation in agro-ecosystems; Poverty and biodiversity interactions;
Payments of ecosystem services

Photo unavailableDr Margaret Shanafield

Photo unavailableDr Thomas Smyth

Dr Michael Taylor 

Research: Bioaerosols and indoor air quality; Mycology, mushrooms and mycotoxin; Biofilms and microbial consortia.

Photo unavailableDaniel Wohling

Postgraduate students

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Technical staff

Photo unavailable Lawrence Burk

Raj Indela Raj Indela  
Gail Jackson Gail Jackson  

Photo unavailable Robert Keane

Jodie Walker

Nicholas White 

Administrative staff

Rob Hunter - Manager, School Administration

Yvonne Haby Yvonne Haby - Administrative Assistant (Social Sciences North)  

Kaye Hampton - Administrative Officer (New Projects)

Kristy Johns - PA to Dean and School Manager 

Cheree Metcalfe - Finance Officer 

Suzanne Myers - Administrative Officer (Earth Sciences) 

Photo unavailableJulie Nixon - Administrative Officer (Projects) 

Marketing Communication Officers

Marketing Communication Officers employed by the Faculty represent and market the School of the Environment and the School of Biological Sciences amongst high school students.