Science forms that basis of a number of movies, TV shows and pop culture. We have looked into how closely real science is taken into account by the writers and producers when creating our favorite shows and movies. Read what we found below.


How many helium balloons do you think it would really take to get you airborne? What about your house? Have a guess then click through to find out the answer and how it was calculated!

Going Up! (PDF 314KB)


The real 'Lucy'

Scarlett Johansson’s character, Lucy, gains super-human abilities when an illicit drug is absorbed into her bloodstream. Lucy uses her new found abilities to seek revenge on her captors. Read about why, from a scientific point of view, this plot has more holes than Swiss cheese…

The real Lucy (PDF 143KB)


6 Big Ideas from Big Hero 6

6 Big Ideas from Big Hero 6 (PDF 213KB)