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2017 On Campus Interactive Workshops and Presentations

The 2017 workshop program offers an enhanced learning experience for senior high school students. With direct links to the SACE curriculum, our series of workshops aims to extend and complement your teaching resources.  

Our presentations offer a unique insight into prospective careers within Science and Engineering and can be added onto to any of our workshop offerings.

Workshop content is suitable for years 11 and 12 students only. All workshops run for an hour unless stated.

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Animal Physiology and Behaviour

Evolution drives change, but how do scientists explore this? This workshop looks at how animals adapt to their environment from a physiological and behavioural perspective. Students will have the opportunity to study the physiology and behaviour of finches in our full building aviary and conduct experiments on thermoregulatory behaviour. 

Stage 1 and 2
& organisation,
physiology & evolution



(90 minutes)

Students learn about enzymes in a “real world” context. Students will build on their understanding of cells, assays and enzymes in biotechnology. They will investigate the detection of laccase enzyme production by Botrytis cinerea fungus in red wine by running a sophisticated assay reaction in our state-of-the-art Biology Discovery Centre.  

Stage 1 Cellular
Biology and Stage 2

 Forensic Biology  Have you ever seen a ‘CSI’ type show when scientists take a swab, put it in a machine and our pops the DNA results? Students have the opportunity to run a gel electrophoresis while learning about how forensic biologists use DNA to identify victims and suspects. Stage 1 Cellular

Biology and Stage 2
Macromolecules & DNA & Cells

 Marine Biology  This workshop teaches students to identify marine organisms from various marine water samples around South Australia with the aim of creating a biodiversity index. Students will compare the biodiversity index of two study sites and learn how human induced activities may account for ecological collapses and what actions can mitigate this change. This workshop has real world applications, as students’ findings are passed onto PIRSA as part of an ongoing monitoring program on local SA marine biodiversity.       Stage 1 and 2:
Ecosystem –
Selectivity and Human


(90 minutes)

 There is a suspected outbreak of Golden Staph bacteria in a local hospital. Students identify the bacteria by running a range of laboratory tests. Includes Gram staining and Catalase testing.

Stage 1 Cellular
Biology and Stage 2
Macromolecules & cell




Analytical Chemistry 
(2 hours) 

Developed to help achieve, cement and extend knowledge of some of the analytical chemistry techniques explored in the SACE Stage 2 curriculum. 

A nominal fee of $10 per student applies

Year 12 Chemistry students only



Students will investigate the world of electromagnetism and learn about how electricity is generated. By the end of the workshop students will have the opportunity to build and test their own electric generator and consider how this could be scaled up to a wind turbine.

Stage 1 and 2 Physics



The science of the very  tiny is often underestimated or unheard of, yet this career path has led to some of the greatest discoveries of our century. Nanotechnology is already used all over the world – students will learn what it is, what it can do and how to get there with a combination of hands-on experiments and demonstrations

Year 11 Physics & Chemistry students


Physics for Mechanical Engineers Get into a real engineering lab and see what it’s like to be a Uni student! Complete an adapted version of one of our second year Mechanical Engineering practicals, investigating one or more of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Year 11 Physics students only 18 

 Flinders Flii Construction

(90 Mins)


Students build their very own micro-controller based electronic game to take home. Follow up workshops where students learn how to program new features for their device are also available

Stage 1 and 2 Design and Technology


Flinders Flii Follow Up Programming 
(90 mins)

Options include extending the ‘Pong’ game that comes with your Flii, customising the welcome screen by adding a short animation or adding a stop watch function to your Flii.

Stage 1 and 2 Design and Technology


Serious Games App Development


'Serious Gaming' is an area of research that looks at how we can harness the benefits of computer games for more serious purposes, such as education and health. Students use a primarily visual interface to develop their own Android app aimed at improving and maintaining users' cognitive functioning, such as memory. 

Stage 1 and 2 Design and Technology

and Stage 1 and 2 Design and Technology


Sound through Light Electronics

Students investigate some properties of light and
sound waves by building an electronic circuit that
allows them to emit signals with an LED and receive
those signals using a small solar panel. Students
need to bring along a device for playing music that
has a standard audio jack (e.g. mp3 player or smart

Stage 1 and 2 Physics


*New for 2017*

Unreal Engine Game Development

(60 – 90 minutes)

 Use Unreal Engine 4, software used by game developers in industry, to develop your own first person shooter.

Stage 1 and 2 Information Technology

and stage 1 and Design and Technology

*New for 2017*


Zumo Robot Programming

 Jump into our first year engineering labs and learn about digital electronics by programming a simple Arduino-based Zumo robot using the C programming language. You’ll have it zooming around in no time! Stage 1 and 2 Information Technology  20 Max



We are able to offer 30 minute presentations to your students as an add-on when attending workshops.

The Careers in Science presentation covers study and careers opportunities in STEM subjects. 

We can also arrange a presentation on current Flinders research that your students may be interested in (Subject to capacity)

If your students are interested in hearing from current Flinders students, we can offer a 30 minute student panel.  Your students will get the chance to ask a panel of students about life at Flinders and being a uni student. (Subject to availability).