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From 2015, the Business and Technology activities will be subsumed into a new Design and Innovation group and the current Business and Technology degrees will be replaced by a new Bachelor of Design and Technology Innovation. More information can be found here.

In today's market, Business and Technology fit hand-in-hand.  Many products and ideas have failed, not because the product is inferior to others in the market but because the business model adopted was not suitable for today's commercial reality.  This is hardly surprising - scientists and engineers are taught first and foremost about their discipline and tomorrow's breakthrough products will be as a direct result of this education.  However, the passage from innovation to market is a whole new discipline.  This is where the Business and Technology awards come in.  The awards aim to equip students with:

  • Strong business, entrepreneurial, management and communication knowledge and skills,
  • Significant period of working experience which will increase their ability to manage projects in science, medical and/or engineering environment.

Students will have developed a comprehensive and well-founded knowledge in their discipline and a range of transferable professional skills.  Technological innovation is critical to be competitive internationally - consider for example the race towards green energy.  Governments across the world have policies geared towards technological innovation including Australia, India and China (from "made in China" to "invented in China").  Many of the top companies have identified technological innovation in their vision statements and as an area of strategic priority and competitive advantage.  Thus graduates of this program are highly marketable and competitive assets to organizations in the contemporary economy driven by business and technology.

The courses focus on three core components: business, technology and work experience.  Students will be able to
  • contribute to the business, analysis, synthesis, practice, and management tasks in a science-based enterprise;
  • gain project management skills and understanding of technology, innovation and commercialization;
  • contribute with industry to technical and/or commercial projects as individual or as team members.

This course will suit students who:

  • Like science and business who would like to be able to talk both 'languages' linking science and technology with business
  • Like practical, hands on learning in real business environment
  • Like to link science with business to solve more practical and day-to-day issues in a business environment
  • Have an interest in the business side of science or engineering enterprise; technical management or research project management as a route to senior management 
  • Will like to establish their own science or engineering enterprise

Work placement/internship

Business and Technology placements are an integral part of the course in Australia - is compulsory component of the degree.  Duties vary from research and development (R&D) projects to developing business plans and commercialisation plans for innovations in products and services.  Therefore, students gain valuable and relevant work experience.  Please refer to the video to hear a student and employer perspective about the placement program. 

One of our Business and Technology graduates as featured in The Advertiser - Careers Article Business and Technology (PDF 76KB) .



Career Opportunities

Graduates will be prepared to work with business, government and community decision-makers, often in multi-disciplinary teams, to make practical contributions to the development of innovative solutions.

Flinders graduates have been employed by organisations including;

  • Global companies such as Deloitte Touche, HP and Schefenacker.
  • South Australia companies such as Tomatsu and Comunet;
  • Australian Research organisations such as the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) and the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
  • and Australian government agencies including; Innovate SA, Department of Health, and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Employers also include organisations and firms across a vast range of industries and sectors given the growing prominence of innovation.

Graduates have been employed in a diverse range of positions including:

  • R&D Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • New Product Development Manager
  • Innovation of Technology Policy Officer
  • Innovation consultant
  • Marketing Officer
  • Patent Examiner
  • Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Manager

More information on careers and employers of Business and Technology graduates can be found on the Careers and Employee Liaison Centre's webpage.

Employment Outcomes

Better employment outcomes than comparable courses at other institutions1.

Typical Graduate Starting Salary


Advantages of Business and Technology at Flinders

  • The awards combine business and technology knowledge for broader employment opportunities
  • Employers rated Flinders University graduates highest out of all South Australian university graduates for overall quality2.
  • Flinders offers the most compelling education for a career in science in the contemporary global economic because of the combination of technology, business and work experience.  This unique program with its practical work component would allow students to increase employment prospects.

Courses offered

The bachelors degree can only be taken in conjunction with a science, medical science, technology, engineering or business award at Flinders University.  The Masters degree can be taken by graduates of any University but may also be combined with any science, technology or engineering award at Flinders University.

1 Good Universities Guide 2009
2 2008 Graduate Employers Survey