Science in the News

1. Wren embryos learn a vocal password so that their parents feed them after hatching

Colombelli-Négrel D, Hauber ME, Robertson J, Sulloway FJ, Hoi H, Griggio M, and Kleindorfer S (2012). Embryonic learning of vocal passwords in superb fairy-wrens reveals intruder cuckoo nestlings. Current Biology 22, 1-6.

This study was widely publicised in the media. See for example:

2. Jochen Kaempf shows the movement of nutrient-rich water generated in coastal canyons.


Working with Communities

1. Eco-tourism in Papua New Guinea

Since 2004, Flinders University Bachelor of Ecotourism has worked with the Ministry for Tourism in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, to develop community-based ecotourism.

2. Flinders University scientists lead Earthwatch Teams to save Darwin's finches on the Galapagos