DateTimeSpeakerTitle / Event
11 January
 No meeting (holiday break)-
14 February3:30pmDr Rachel Popelka-FilcoffECR events, initiatives and opportunities at a national level
13 March3:30pmProf Warren LawrenceThinking beyond the present: What are my career opportunities?
17 April4-5pmDr Paul Gardner-StephenAn unorthodox career path
8 May3:30pmDr Darryl Jones Tips on writing a winning grant proposal
12 June3:30pmProfessor Ross McKinnonDiversifying your research networks - the more the merrier.
14 August3:30pmProfessor Mark Taylor

Benefits of collaboration with industry and academia: A personal perspective

11 September3:30pmDr Rebecca Anderson
Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools – how easy can it be!?
9 October 3:30pm Cancelled 
13 November 3:30pmDr Rob MorrisonTrust me, I'm a science communicator

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