Faculty Store

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has established a centralised store and procurement facility (Faculty Store) available to all staff, honours and RHD students. This facility replaces the stores that were operating in the Schools.

The Faculty Store provides the following services

  • Supply of consumables, stationery, toners and cartridges, lab equipment, common chemicals and biological materials, and other small items that are kept in stock.
  • Supply of Promega samples (the Promega freezer is located in the store). 
  • Procurement of supplies that are not held in stock, for example specialised chemicals or items of equipment for research projects.
  • Assistance with import and export processes and freight handling and dispatch. 
  • Liaison with suppliers to ensure the Faculty receives preferential pricing.
  • Point of delivery for incoming goods to the Faculty.

How to work with us

Stocked Items

  1. Visit the store during opening hours to collect the items that are required.
  2. Items are scanned out (self-service or with assistance).
  3. Chemicals and other hazardous materials will not be released unless an up-to-date risk assessment is shown.
  4. Orders to locations outside the Physical Science Building can be emailed to the store and a delivery of the order will be arranged to the purchaser at an agreed time the following day (it is hoped an online inventory can be made available next year).

Unstocked Items

  1. Staff / students should not contact suppliers directly - all purchases must be administered through the store.
  2. Purchasers may request the store to order particular items or may request assistance to source products and suppliers.
  3. If uncertain about how to obtain supplies or preferential pricing contact the store for assistance.
  4. Orders should be placed as follows:
    • Complete the Requisition for Purchase 2015 (PDF 1MB)
    • Email the requisition to fse.store@flinders.edu.au.
    • If purchasing on a supervisor account, email the requisition to the supervisor and ask for it to be forwarded to the store with the text ‘Approved for purchase’.
    • While use of hard copy requisitions is not encouraged, these can be deposited at the store for processing.
    • Ensure requisitions are complete with product descriptions and other relevant information such as references to risk assessments.
    • Include any quotes or details of preferred products / suppliers with the requisition.
    • Note the following:
      Do you require quotes?
      Please attach the following:
      Value Quotations required 
      < $5,000 single oral or written quote
      $5,000 to < $10,000 two oral or written quotes
      $10,000 to < $15,000 two written quotes
      $15,000 to < $100,000 three written quotes
      > $100,000 tender or RFP unless otherwise exempted
  5. When the items are received at the store the purchaser will be contacted to either arrange delivery to their lab / research area or for collection.
  6. If ordering collaborative research specimens (with no charges) please inform the store and arrange for the specimens to be delivered to the store.


Faculty store


Requisition for Purchase 2015 (PDF 1MB)


Sandra Marshall

Faculty Procurement and Facilities Officer

Phone: 8201 2167 or 8201 3993
Email: fse.store@flinders.edu.au


Room 3211
Physical Sciences Building (Bldg 54)
Flinders University - see campus map

 Opening hours

9am - 4pm daily

It is intended that the store is open for the full period between these hours. If this is not the case, and unscheduled closure of the store is required, staff will be given advanced notice by email. 



  • Users of the store should ensure they have registered an account to which supplies can be charged. For students or other users who are billing their supplies to an account owned by a supervisor or other person, the required approvals should be provided in advance. 
  • Accounts can be set up for new users from induction checklists or supervisors can email account requirements to the store. Users are permitted to have multiple accounts. For further information contact the store. 
  • Items are scanned out at the time of collection and costs are deducted from the nominated accounts at the end of each month. If nominated accounts are in deficit, the store may not permit the collection of supplies