Technical Support Unit - Services


Technical Capability

Design and manufacturing using CAD and/or industry-standard manual methods
Precision machining using a range of workshop equipment (manual and computer-controlled)
Machining a wide range of materials (Plastics, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys, ceramics)
Welding (various materials)
Sheet-metal work
Manufacturing and/or repairing high-vacuum systems including chambers and pumps
Dispensing of liquid nitrogen
Fork-lift operation


CNC Milling machine + three manually-controlled milling machines
A number of lathes from small, instrument types to major machines
Pedestal drills
Cut-off saws, power hacksaw, bandsaw (cuts all materials)
Large, power belt sander
Welding units including Stick,TIG, Spot, Oxy (Silver soldering and brazing)
Sheet-metal equipment (Guillotine, rollers, bender, punches)
Precision measuring and mark-up
Servicing vacuum equipment
Lifting equipment (including access to fork-lift)
Workshop overhead crane
Portable hydraulic lifting crane



Technical Capability

Design using CAD and/or manual design methods
Computer programming (C, Labview, Visual studio, PLC)
Design and programming computer-controlled equipment (PC or embedded)
Fabricating electronic assemblies using standard techniques (manual and computer-controlled)
Use of electronics-related hand-tools
Making electrical measurements


Soldering and de-soldering equipment
High-end oscilloscopes
High-voltage power supplies
Fast pulse generators
Precision CNC milling machine for the production of printed circuit boards
Electrical safety-testing equipment
Programming and development tools for the production of embedded-control computer

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Bill Drury

TSU Supervisor

Phone: (+61 8) 820 12127

Dr Duncan Rayner

Faculty General Manager

Phone: (+61 8) 820 13694 


Room 3209
Physical Sciences Building (Bldg 54)
Flinders University - see campus map


Postal Address

Technical Services Unit

Faculty of Science & Engineering
Flinders University
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide  SA  5001

Technical Support Unit - Terms of Use

1.  The TSU is not obliged to accept every piece of work that is requested. Acceptance of work will depend on availability of technical staff and equipment required. The TSU Supervisor will provide advice and a determination of whether a job can be undertaken.

2.  Once the specifications and cost for some work are agreed, any subsequent changes will incur additional charges. Changes to a job will only be accepted if they are registered on the TSU Booking System. Changes to work cannot be accommodated through informal discussions.

3.  Where work requested is complex or is expected to take a long time, it may be necessary to revise the initial quote which is given. In this case, it will be made clear to the user that the initial quote is only an estimate and that, in consultation with the user, periodic reviews of charges may be required.

4.  In the event of any misunderstanding over pricing and work arrangements, the TSU Booking System will serve as the primary means to provide correspondence or other information about the specifications, pricing and progress of a job.

5.  The TSU technical staff will produce work to the highest possible standard within the specifications agreed. TSU cannot be held responsible if any items fail to function when attached to any larger piece of equipment.

6.  If items produced by the TSU malfunction within a 3 month period, the TSU will investigate the cause of the malfunction and provide all necessary remedies if the original work is shown to be defective. However, if malfunctions have occurred through accidents or non-standard usage, for example a component has been dropped or operated in excessive temperatures, TSU will not be responsible for any remedies.

7.  Users cannot request particular technicians to undertake the work they have submitted. The TSU Supervisor is responsible for making all work allocations.

8.  Users of the TSU facilities should not freely walk into the workshop area to talk to workshop staff. If users are invited into the facility, they must comply with OHS protocols at all time (for example wearing safety glasses, covered shoes, and stay within the marked walkways). Entry must be via the corridor in the Physical Sciences building (not through the back door or store). Users should inform the TSU Supervisor if they need access to the workshop area.