Personal Health Informatics (PHIT)

We are leading the development of a digital psychiatry research program, particularly leveraging personal technologies and data. Our research results in a suite of applications, knowledge and expertise suitable for advancing access, delivery, evaluation and clinical research in psychiatry and wellbeing.

Our focus is to leverage digital presence, a by-product of the technology-saturated world that permeates everyday living, into personal health benefits. 

Our Objectives

  • Implementing digital applications for enhancing self-care, access to interventions and engagement with services.

  • Designing interventions to derive functioning in real-world, assess symptoms experienced by patients in their own environment, track patient journey and medication use patterns using novel data streams and unobtrusive technologies.

  • Development of methods to detect patterns in the users’ digital footprint and health data that can shed light on health behaviours and perhaps lead to better prevention care strategies or the discovery of new treatments.


  • social media, m-health, wearables, electronic health records, large registries, cloud machine learning services.

Our interventions are trans-diagnostic and easily adaptable to non-psychiatric disorders.

Our group comprises of multi-disciplinary researchers with extensive collaborations.

We collaborate with researcher from  SAHMRI, The Medical Device Research Institute at Flinders University, Flinders Digital Health Centre and VTT Technical Research Centre Finland on these topics.

Our team is located at SAHMRI as part of the Mind and Brain theme, and at Flinders Tonsley campus.

For more information on our current projects and published papers click here.

We actively supervise and support many student projects at both Honours and Post-graduate levels and invite students who are interested in pursuing research in this program to contact Niranjan Bidargaddi.

For all enquiries please contact: