Flyer for Health Informatics (PDF 289KB)  

Health Informatics is concerned with the effective use of information and discovery of knowledge in health.  The area includes electronics medical records, health information retrieval, medical data mining and knowledge discovery, and ontology development and use in health domains.  It is also concerned with proper security for medical data.

medical image Proper management of medical data can:

  • provide medical practitioners with accurate and timely information
  • provide fact-based assistance in diagnosis
  • help to keep medical data secure; and
  • enable organisations to run effective and efficient hospitals and medical practices.

The Health Informatics group uses techniques and tools from other areas and applies them in a medical context.  In many respects, medical data management is seen as more difficult and thus a better test of a technique than many other areas.

The group has been successful in developing prototype medical administrative software (such as a completed project with PowerHealth Solutions), research in medical data mining (with ASERNIP-S and the ACS) and has embarked on an exciting new project to create a medical data mining platform (with rL Solutions).


Please contact Ms Carmela Sergi, Institute Manager, for more information.

Phone: 08 8201 2901



Post-Graduate Students

We actively supervise and support many student projects at both Honours and Post-graduate levels and invite students who are interested in pursuing research in this program to contact us for further information.

Examples of current student projects include:
  • Ping Liang - PhD Candidate
    Higher Order Data Mining Techniques for Medical Data Mining