Flyer for Medical Devices & Instrumentation (PDF 291KB)

The Medical Devices & Instrumentation program is concerned with the research and development of instruments, software, and systems for understanding, diagnosing, treating and monitoring medical conditions. Each research project aims to solve problems identified by end users such as health professionals, hospital groups and patient groups and relies heavily on close input from the other Research Programs in the MDRI.

The research group is complemented by the mechanical and electronic workshops within the University, who provide design and manufacturing capabilities.

In addition, there is a close association with the Biomedical Engineering department of Flinders Medical Centre. 


Research Projects

Projects within the Medical Devices & Instrumentation research group are extremely diverse, but with a common focus on delivering benefits through the application of various technologies to the medical discipline. Selected current and past research projects include: 

  • An adaptive orthopaedic screwdriver responsive to varying bone quality to prevent over tightening in osteoporotic bone.
  • A new versatile hand grip dynamometer - a revolutionary instrument to accurately measure hand grip and pinch forces over a wide population, including those with hand deformities and low strength.
  • Mandibular advancement splint compliance monitor - the development of a prototype mandibular advancement splint that monitors compliance.
  • Non-invasive bilirubin monitor - based on the use and interpretation of photoplethysmographic signals.
  • Device to measure articular cartilage stiffness - to identify early degenerative changes in cartilage.

Program Leader

Please contact Professor Karen Reynolds for more information.

Phone: 08 8201 5190