• CamScan MX2500 SEM
    Scanning Electron Microscope A research-grade analytical SEM capable of reaching 100,000 x magnification. 
  • High-resolution images of biological samples, metal surfaces, particles, fibres and material surfaces can be achieved with this instrument.
  • This system also has EDX capabilities, whereby elemental analysis or chemical characterisation of a surface can be performed.


  • JEOL 1200EX Transmission Electron Microscope
    Research grade transmission electron microscope ideal for examine of biological materials, but also suitable for a wide variety of other specimens. Fitted with high resolution MegaView III Digital Imaging System.


  • FEI Phenom SEM
    Scanning Electron Microscope A high-throughput benchtop SEM. It features fast sample loading and analysis times without the requirement of pre coating samples. Although this system has limited resolution (typically 20-24,000x magnification), this straight forward touch screen system is ideal for users from a wide range of disciplines including biology, materials science, earth sciences and health sciences, who require quick analysis of their samples.

Sample preparation equipment

Specialist sample preparation equipment for scanning and transmission electron microscopy, sample embedding, drying and coating. A range of ultramicrotomes is available for thin sectioning. Space, expert advice and training for electron microscopic specimen preparation.