The CNST is a hub of water research with a number of significant projects including:

  • Environmentally friendly corosion and anti-fouling protection
  • Desalination brine discharge water montioring
  • Novel nano-filtration technology
  • New desalination membranes
  • Polymeric coagulants for water treatment


This research aims to innovate and improve energy technology focussing on:

  • New approaches for harnessing energy e.g. photoactive membranes
  • Novel materials, exploring the potential of non-silicon substrates, flexible laminated OPVs and printable diodes
  • Improving existing device performance through unique surface characterisation techniques



This area uses nanotechnology to impact health reserach through:

  • DNA genotyping for cancer diagnostics
  • Microbial resistant coatings
  • Medical diagnostics, looking at viruses and the detection of them
  • Investigating the toxicity of nanoparticles and observing their interactions with drugs


In this field the Centre works in collaboration with Forensic Science and DST Group investigating areas such as:

  • Highly sensitive chemical and bio sensors
  • Fingerprinting using quantum dots
  • Examining the struture of explosive molecules
  • Human identification using microfluidics