The Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology (CNST) is a hub of environmental research and education with regional, national and international reach. Our researchers are engaged in a variety of projects, both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, that aim to protect, preserve and restore the Earth’s most precious resources.


This research aims to innovate and improve the way we generate, store and use energy. As we move away from a fossil-fuel economy, research in this area will help transform the way we live, delivering modern, sustainable solutions to our ever increasing energy demands in the 21st century.



Good health, well-being and security of the human population are of high priority. This area uses nanotechnology to impact health reserach, aiming to develop cheaper and more effective diagnostic and treatment options, ultimately aiming to extend life expectancies in less developed areas and improve quality of life the world over.


National and international security is of growing importance. Research within the Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology recognises the importance of this area in ensuring everyone feels safe and secure in their community.