The CNST consists of 10 Research Leaders working together to increase the visibility, scope and impact of research in Nanotechnology. The Centre currently has over 100 researchers from Postdoctoral fellows to Honours students. With an outstanding record of 60 patent families and over 50 publications per year. 

Research leaders




David Lewis      

Prof David Lewis

Centre Director 

Penny Crocker

Executive Officer

Nanotechnology and polymer science





Research Leaders

Joe Shapter Gunther Andersson Jamie Quinton Ingo Koeper

Prof Joe Shapter


Prof Gunther Andersson



Prof Jamie Quinton


A/Prof Ingo Koeper

Nanotechnology using various techniques to examine material on the micron or nanometer scale

Soft matter surfaces (liquid and polymer surfaces) Surface physics and nanotechnologies Lipid membranes and proteins 



Jim Mitchell


Colin Raston

  Martin Johnston

Prof Mats Andersson

 Prof Jim Mitchell


Prof Colin Raston


A/Prof Martin Johnston



Nanometer to micrometer scale processes on marine ecosystems  Clean technology and green chemistry  Construction and investigation of supramolecular and nanotechnology systems

Youhong Tang



A/Prof Youhong Tang

 Advanced marine nanocomposites and structures