RHD enrolment is time-based, which means that enrolment is valid for the entire duration of a candidature. Yearly re-enrolment is not required. The actual expiry date of a candidature will be affected by changes to enrolment status, intermissions, and extensions.

  • Duration of a PhD candidature
    The duration of a PhD candidature is four years if studying full-time, while part-time candidature is considered as half-time enrolment so candidature would be valid for eight calendar years.
  • Duration of Masters program
    The duration of Masters coursework programs is two years if studying full-time, or part-time equivalent. The duration of Masters programs by research for full-time candidates is not less than one year and not more than two years and for part-time candidates not less than two years, and not more than four years from the month from which enrolment commenced.

Note the duration of scholarships support does not necessarily coincide with enrolment.


The University conducts induction days (usually twice yearly) for new RHD candidates. For details and/or to register go to Induction for Research Higher Degree Students.


  • Flinders Authentication Name (FAN)
    Flinders has a common access strategy for all University level electronic services, including email and Flinders Learning Online (FLO). This applies to both staff and students.
    Access to such resources is authenticated using a FAN, which is given to students at enrolment. FANs consist of eight letters and digits based on people's surnames and each is unique. For example, Joe Bloggs might have the FAN blog0017. See About my FAN for further details, including how to activate it.
  • Student card
    Student ID cards provides information on this resource.
  • Desktop computing services
    Depending on which building and laboratory you are working in you may also have access to additional desktop computing facilities, which may require local logins and passwords. Ask your supervisor or the College Office about what facilities are available and how you can get access to them. Note that use of such facilities is subject to the requirements of the University's Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Resources.
  • Out of office hours access to buildings
    Outside regular office hours (usually 8:15am to 5:15pm on normal business days), external doors to University buildings are secured by a computer controlled security system.
    To get after-hours access to buildings, you will need to complete an access request form at your College Office. In doing so note your access number is the number beginning 25-#### printed on the back of your student card.  If the access request is approved you will be able to gain access to selected buildings/corridors by scanning your student card past card readers at appropriate entry points.
    Access to individual rooms within a building (such as an office or lab) is generally by key issued from your College Office and there may be conditions attached to its use.
  • Postal services
    Details about delivery times and places for incoming postal mail is available from your College Office.

RHD Professional Development

This University level Research Higher Degree Professional Development Program is available to our RHD candidates.

Seminars and workshops are organised into four main streams: academic development, research skills, computer applications and professional development.

Withdrawal from candidature

A candidate who wishes to withdraw from candidature will need to discuss this with his or her supervisors and the X who should satisfy themselves that every attempt has been made to resolve any difficulties in the study environment which may have prompted the candidate to consider withdrawing from candidature.

A candidate who decides to withdraw is required to complete the Variation to Candiature Application form found on the College's web-site. The College Office will acknowledge the notification, confirm the date on which the withdrawal is effective and take any action necessary to suspend any scholarship.

A candidate who has withdrawn and who subsequently wishes to re-enrol will need to apply to the College for re-admission. The College will determine whether the candidate will be re-admitted, and whether the period of candidature will be adjusted to take account of the previous candidature.