Research Maintenance

The College has a policy that requires that a new candidature will only be accepted if supervisors have costed and funded all resources required for the project, including ongoing maintenance needs.

The College provides a mechanism for Research Higher Degree candidates to apply for maintenance funding. This is in the form of a one off grant of $3,600 for PhD students and $2,400 for Masters by Research students. This can be used to meet any small ongoing miscellaneous costs such as printing and laboratory supplies. The grant is intended to be spent over the duration of the candidature and is refundable on a pro-rata basis if the candidate does not complete. Please contact your Supervisor/College Office for further details.


The University Scholarships Committee, with the assistance of the Student Finance Services, administers all RHD scholarships. Competitive scholarships are awarded by the Scholarships Selection Committee using a points system that is based on academic merit.

Further information about available scholarships, terms and conditions, application processes and other scholarship matters is available from Scholarships at Flinders University.

Thesis Allowance

RHD candidates may claim reimbursement for expenses incurred in the production of their thesis, including typing, photocopying, binding, and editing.

More information about the allowance and claim process is available from Scholarships at Flinders University or email

Writing-up Stipend

If you are an Australian citizen or have permanent resident status, and have not previously held a scholarship to undertake your RHD degree, you may be eligible to receive a Flinders University Thesis Write-Up Stipend. The stipend is intended to assist non-scholarship holder RHD candidates in the final stages of the write-up and submission of their theses. The stipend will normally pay the equivalent of a Flinders University Research Scholarship for up to six months full-time (three months for masters candidates).

More information about eligibility and application is available from Scholarships at Flinders University or email

Conference Travel Support

The University invites applications for conference travel support from RHD candidates who will be presenting a paper at a major national or international conference. Applications are considered in April (for conferences in the second half of the year) and November (for conferences in the first half of the following year). You will normally not be eligible for support for more than one conference during your candidature.

Since the funds available for conference travel support are limited, there is no guarantee that you will receive support. Selection will be based on the written case you present as to the expected impact of the conference presentation on your research and how it will be improved. The Scholarships Committee may also take into consideration other resources available to you for conference attendance. Assistance will normally be based on the equivalent cost of a return economy class or concession airfare to the location of the conference venue.

Further information about the program and application process is available from or email

Overseas Travelling Fellowship

The University awards a small number of Overseas Travelling Fellowships annually to enable outstanding candidates to carry out their research for short periods at overseas institutions. The value of the fellowship is an economy-class airfare. You must be able to demonstrate to an interviewing panel that the fellowship will provide significant benefit to your research project.

More information is available from Scholarships at Flinders University or email

Overseas Field Trip Award

The University awards a small number of Overseas Field Trip Grants annually to RHD candidates who wish to carry out field-based research that would not be possible in Australia. The value of the grant is normally $2500 towards travel and living expenses. You must be able to demonstrate that the grant will provide significant benefit to your research project.

More information is available from Scholarships at Flinders University or email