The University has developed a Statement of Minimum Resources for Research Higher Degrees.

Common Rooms

RHD candidates are encouraged to use staff common rooms, including tea and coffee making facilities. In most common rooms, consumables (such as coffee and milk) are available on a bring-your-own or pay-as-you-go basis. Ask at your College Office about arrangements in your area.

Office space

Full-time candidates who work on campus are allocated a desk and basic office facilities, usually in a shared office or in a laboratory. Part-time candidates and candidates who work off campus may need to share a desk or laboratory space. Your office will have access to a telephone (usually with only local number access) and a computer (with basic office software).

Arrangements for office supplies such as stationery, photocopying, and printing please contact the College Office for details.



The Library offers a range of services to support your RHD study. For example, many journals are available electronically when accessed from the Flinders University library website using your FAN and password. Tutorials on how to access peer-reviewed journals and databases are available here. If a document is not available through Flinders University subscriptions, RHD students can request books and articles through the Document Delivery service. For more information on borrowing from the library see here.

Statistical Services

The University employs a full time statistical consultant to provide free assistance to RHD candidates in areas of their research that require the use of statistical methods. The consultant's brief is to assist clients to help themselves rather than to conduct either research or analysis on their behalf.

Information about the consulting services, including training in the use of statistical software, is available from the University's Statistics Consulting website .

RHD Professional Development Program

The RHD Professional Development Program provides workshops in a range of areas; including academic development programs, computer applications, research skills, and professional management skills. The workshops are open to RHD candidates and their supervisors, and are free of charge.