Welcome to research higher degree (RHD) study in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

You are one of over 350 RHD candidates in the Faculty; in areas as diverse as ecology, environment, nanotechnology and mathematics.

The Faculty is proud of its research record and has built a reputation for high quality research at both the national and international levels. We look forward to working with you over the course of your candidature as you make your own contribution to the reputation of Flinders for excellence in research.

RHD candidates

Most RHD candidates in our Faculty are enrolled in a PhD degree in one of:

  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Chemical & Physical Sciences
  • School of Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics
  • School of the Environment.

Masters candidates

A smaller number of RHD candidates are enrolled in either the Master of Arts (Applied Population Studies), Master of Science or the Master of Engineering awards. Some start out in a masters degree and later apply to upgrade to a doctoral program.

Management of your RHD study

Management of your RHD study requires collaboration between many people and organisations at various levels of the University structure. The Faculty, School, Supervisors and colleagues all hold a valuable store of knowledge about how research works. Get to know the appropriate contact people and don't be afraid to ask for help and advice.

Research higher degrees in Science and Engineering and in particular the Faculty's Information for current RHD candidates are your guide to Faculty-specific information that you will need in the course of your candidature, and also contains links to wider University services and policies. You should read them in conjunction with any School-specific or laboratory-specific information that applies to your project.

Best wishes

On behalf of the Faculty, I wish you a smooth candidature, a productive research program, and a satisfying experience during your time at Flinders.


Dr Peter Anderson
Chair, Faculty Higher Degrees Committee