Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century (Science21)

Over the last few years, the work of the centre has developed and we now have two main strands which can be described as the learning of science and the science of learning. Each of the one-minute videos gives a flavour of our approach.

Our main aim is to help make the evidence from research and elsewhere have an impact in policy and practice. We achieve this through a number of projects and activities but always working closely with educators and education leaders.


We are looking to appoint a full-time lecturer aligned to the exciting new Science Policy and Communication BSc specialisation and MSc degrees that will be offered for the first time in 2016.

The appointee will be involved in the shaping and delivering topics for these degrees, that focus on the use of science, scientific evidence and scientific thinking to inform decision making. Science policy covers the decisions made by individuals, families, entrepreneurs, charities, governments, parliaments and businesses large and small. Understanding how communication plays a role in supporting and influencing the decision-making processes will also be core components of these degrees.

Find out more here: Flinders-scipolcom (PDF 2MB) and on the University's jobs webpages here.



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