Project Planning

Planning a Research Project is important, it gives order to the steps needed and helps you think through any problems or issues that might make your project difficult. We encourage everyone who is doing research with project21 to consider using the Microproject Planning Tool to help them plan their project. This tool allows you to:

  • Add milestones and important dates
  • Include each task and make notes about the requirements to complete each task
  • Order tasks and overlap them to produce a detailed timeline
  • Consider risks, analyse them and propose measures to cope with them

Project Planning Competition

Once you have completed your project plan you can submit it as part of our Project Planning Competition, the best plan from each semester wins a Parrot AR Drone and an iPod Touch to control it! The next submission date is Friday 19th October, just email your plan before then to Bob Buxton to enter!

Use the Microproject Planning Tool


Project Planning Competition Winner

Semester 2 2011

Victoria won the Project Planning Competition for Semester 2 2011 with her research plan investigating the energy efficiency of house roofs. WELL DONE!!!!!

inspiring achievement