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The next group of students will be commencing shortly with a training day at Parafield Airport. To confirm a place in project21 send an email to Bob Buxton ( ASAP including:

  • The name of the teacher/s who will be participating from the school
  • The anticipated number of students who will be involved in the project
  • Any issues with IT or other resources that need to be managed for the project to be successful
  • A statement indicating your commitment (and that of your principal) to the project

The Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century (Science21) leads a consortium that has been awarded an education grant from the Australian Space Research Program Education, creating project21. This is one of only two projects in the country that has been supported with a grant worth almost $2M in total.

Students will choose an issue that they wish to investigate, and then plan a mission that will be flown by Airborne Research Australia's research aircraft to gather data using instruments the students have chosen, flying over the region they have identified. The students will interpret their data and present their findings on their chosen issue. The aircraft and sensors that are available to the students are cutting edge technology, and capable of gathering a range of different types of data at very high resolution.

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