We have recently begun offering undergraduate topics in Science Policy and Communications.  We will continue to increase the number and variety of topics in this field offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level over the coming years.


 What is Science Policy and Communication and why study it?

Brilliant scientists make extraordinary breakthroughs – but translating science into the real world takes a different set of skills and knowledge.

Flinders University's Science Policy and Communication Studies give science more “cut through” by providing graduates with the specialised skills needed to exploit science in mainstream society - in governments, in business and industry, in communities and in homes.

Scientists need to be change agents.  Simply knowing science and telling it to people is no longer enough – there is simply too much of it. Scientists need to communicate their evidence in a way that creates influence, not just interest.

Science Policy and Communication Studies are are designed for those who enjoy science and who aspire to improve governments, corporations and communities by helping them to understand the science that underpins their decisions. If you’d like to practise science and shape the future by advocating for science in the public sector and government, this is the course for you.

The Topics prepare you for a career anywhere that science is used in decision making. All the pathways open to science graduates will be open to you, but you will also learn about how the real-world practice of science is translated into the topical science of public debate, as well as the connection between science and decision-making in government, industry and charities.

Science Policy and Communication Studies will appeal to those who have an interest in the power of science to shape the world and to respond to challenges in a range of areas: from energy and nuclear power economics to immunisation policy and equity and equality in science.

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