Work Integrated Learning Program (Science & Engineering, Business & Technology)

One of the particularly outstanding features of the Flinders University Science and Engineering programs is our Work Integrated Learning Program. It has been highly praised by students, staff, the University’s administration, and most importantly by cooperating employers.

The key element of the Work Integrated Learning Program is the placement of advanced level science and engineering students to undertake project work within industry, government agencies or research organisations. These students can provide useful skills in a wide range of areas including IT, engineering, defence, manufacturing, advanced materials, food and wine, marine innovation, health and medical, and environment/ water/ sustainability and cleantech.

Both science and engineering placements occur in the penultimate year of the students’ studies. It differs from Secondary school work experience or the normal University summer vacation experience in that students are committed to their profession, well advanced in academic preparation for it and work for a meaningful period of time for either 12 or 20 weeks.

Engineering placements are for 20-weeks full-time equivalent and normally occurs from August-December. Science students can combine their degrees with business and innovation and study for one additional year to acquire business, commercial and innovation skills.

These students come from a range of disciplines including information technology (IT), nanotechnology, biotechnology, chemistry, marine biology, eco-tourism, medical science and environmental science. Therefore, they can contribute to both technical and commercial aspects of projects that you require them to do. These placements are for 12-weeks or 20-weeks full-time equivalent and usually occur during the periods from August-December.

Participating employer benefits

Participating employers have consistently observed the following benefits:

  • The student contributes to projects and research.
  • Enthusiastic, technically aware person to assist a heavily committed team.
  • Ability to deploy someone full time onto minor projects which might otherwise never get done.
  • Opportunity to assess prospective employees without prior permanent commitment.
  • Preferential access to staff and facilities within the University and opportunities for further collaborative research and engagement.
  • Altruistic benefit of contributing to the education and training of the next generation of scientists and engineers.
  • Contribution to community engagement goals of the organisation. 

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