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The Student Learning Centre (SLC) is a multi-disciplinary academic unit which assists students to become independent and effective learners, achieve their academic goals and develop the requisite skills for life-long learning. The SLC offers:



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Graduation: Staff of the SLC were heartened to see amongst the graduands of 2016, a substantial number of students who had sought assistance from the Centre.

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Feeling overwhelmed?

 Did you know that there is a guide called

Study and Research Skills for Local and International Students LibGuide?

Flinders Library holds a range of excellent books aimed at helping both local and international students improve their academic work. The books have been selected by SLC staff for their simple explanations and useful examples.

Books listed cover topics students often struggle with, such as:

  • how to write a research proposal
  • how to write a literature review
  • what critical thinking means
  • how to structure an essay with a strong introduction and conclusion
  • explanations of grammar
  • useful tips on studying at university

Click HERE to see the range of helpful resources on the shelves.