Health Sciences

The Health Sciences disciplines within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a rich and diverse program that focuses on specific discipline and professional areas as well as interdisciplinary research that responds to the emerging issues in public, social and community health, clinical practice and quality of life for a range of population groups.

We are physically located across three sites: Bedford Park, Repatriation General Hospital at Daw Park and the University Department of Rural Health in South Eastern South Australia and Western Victoria.

There are significant collaborations within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and across other Colleges in the University as well as national and international partnerships particularly in aged and Disability care.

We have a number of highly-regarded undergraduate and post graduate degrees. This includes six allied health programs and a number of double degrees with Nursing, Accounting and Education.

We are committed to an interdisciplinary program of study that aims to develop intellectual curiosity as well as knowledge and transferable skills.

Members of our academic staff include clinicians and active researchers, many with national or international reputations, who are also involved in a range of external activities within the broader community.