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About us

The Discipline of Public Health has provided high quality teaching and research programs for more than 23 years.

Our academic staff come from a range of disciplines including sociology, epidemiology, human geography, cultural anthropology, nutrition and psychology.

Public Health is part of the College of Medicine and Public Health.


Our role

Public health is primarily concerned with the promotion, improvement and maintenance of health.

We aim to play our part by drawing the attention of society to the social determinants of health that are known to be among the worst causes of poor health inequalities across the world.

Throughout the world, vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people have less access to health resources, get sicker and die earlier, than people in more privileged social positions.

Research, policy, community engagement, activism and leadership aimed at addressing the social dimensions of health can improve health and access to health care.


Our vision

We share a vision of health that unites our teaching, research and professional practice.

This vision, first articulated in the WHO 'Health For All' statement, emphasises the importance of front line workers who are able to:

  • foster, promote and protect health and well-being;
  • recognise and reduce disease and disability;
  • reduce health inequalities; and
  • improve access to services.


Professional affiliations

We are affiliated with or are professional members of the following associations:

  • Public Health Association Australia
  • Australian Health Promotion Australia
  • The Australian Sociological Association (TASA)
  • Australian Anthropological Society (AAS)
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA)
  • Psychology Board of Australia
  • Association for Psychological Sciences (APS)
  • Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA)
  • Australasian Society for Behavioural Health and Medicine (ASBHM)
  • Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society (ANZOS)
  • Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM)
  • Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)
  • International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)