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Our department collaborates with the Repatriation General Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre and Noarlunga Health Services to provide clinical services to the community, including:


Repatriation General Hospital

Flinders Medical Centre

Noarlunga health services

In the community



These videos have been produced by the Repatriation General Hospital's Rehabilitation Unit who promote interdisciplinary care.

4th Generation Clinics Amputee Rehabilitation

The pathways to recovery for people who have had a limb amputated and are having rehabilitation therapy with 4th Generation Clinics at the Repatriation General Hospital.

4th Generation Clinics Family Meetings

Family Meetings at 4th Generation Clinics can contribute to successful rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke or a condition that needs intensive rehabilitation.

4th Generation Clinics Circuit Class Therapy

Circuit class rehabilitation therapy in the 4th Generation Clinics gym and the HIVE (highly immersive virtual environment) at the Repatriation General Hospital.