Neurological conditions

Neurological conditions


Key projects

Multiple sclerosis: walking and balance

Researchers Dr James Mcloughlin and Dr Chris Barr  are investigating walking and balance issues in people with multiple sclerosis. Studies to date include:

  • the effect walking induced fatigue has on gait and balance; and
  • interventions to help lessen the associated impairments, including the use of the Foot-Up, and the Bioness L300.

James and Chris are also investigating the effect of exercise on fatigue, balance and mobility in MS, and the effect of cooling during exercise.

These projects are being conducted at the South Australian Motion Analysis Centre at the Repatriation General Hospital. They are funded by MS Research Australia, ISPO, Foundation Daw Park, and through equipment from Bioness.


Stroke rehabilitation

Dr Zoe Adey-Wakeling and Professor Maria Crotty investigated hemiplegic shoulder pain following stroke, and translation into clinical practice. This research lead to a cost-effective clinical evidence based treatment for patients suffering shoulder pain post stroke. 

Dr Kate Laver investigated the usefulness of virtual reality in stroke rehabilitation, including the use of games as an intervention strategy.


Student projects

Postgraduate student projects investigate specific neurological populations, including stroke, cerebral palsy, and brain injury.

Key publications

Incidence and Associations of Hemiplegic Shoulder Pain Post Stroke: A prospective population based study
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Orthotic and therapeutic effect of functional electrical stimulation on fatigue induced gait patterns in people with multiple sclerosis
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Dorsiflexion assist orthosis reduces the physiological cost and mitigates deterioration in strength and balance associated with walking in people with Multiple Sclerosis
McLoughlin, J, Lord, S, Barr, C, Crotty, M and Sturnieks, D. (2015). Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 96(2) pp. 226-232.