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Research in clinical rehabilitation

Our team of experts tackle issues of great importance to the health of older Australians and people living with a disability.

Our researchers provide evidence we need for effective intervention and practice throughout the community, across varied fields including:

Catalysing our research are our interprofessional gyms within the 4th Generation Clinics at the Repatriation General Hospital. These provide access to robotics, gaming technologies, a Vicon 3D motion analysis system and a GAITRite walkway.

Collaboration is important for conducting successful research, and in particular, for multidisciplinary research. We are keen to strengthen our existing collaborations and in parallel, develop new collaborations with a wide range of health professionals, academics, industry and researchers.

We host a range of honours, masters and PhD research projects with health practitioners, academics and researchers.

If you are interested in working or studying with us, please send us a message.