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Research in the School of Health Sciences

The discipline of Health Sciences in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences has a strong research focus in responding to the emerging issues in public, social and community health; evidence based clinical practice and quality of life for a range of population groups.

The magnitude and the variety of the health sciences intra and interdisciplinary research endeavours can be encapsulated within the following four major research themes:

  • Health and life transitions

    • Recognising that care needs and care considerations change over the life course. Childhood, ageing and end of life are already well-established areas of our research.

  • Clinical evidence to clinical practice

    • Consolidating research strengths in clinical studies, health program evaluations, patient and caregiver investigations and knowledge translation to improve health outcomes in clinical and community settings

  • Enhancing community inclusion

    • Exemplifies our research focus addressing and supporting diversity within our population enhancing health and social outcomes for individuals and for groups

  • Shaping health through technology

    • Addresses the role that digital health technology can play in changing health practices and care delivery and the impacts of these changes on care providers and the health system.


Our diversity is our strength

Health Sciences comprises of a diverse range of allied health, public health and clinical disciplines who conduct research in the areas of:

Each group has a unique blend of academics and clinical researchers, many of them engaged in national and international collaborative research partnerships.

Together, we all strive to address current local, national and global health challenges and priorities.


Research higher degrees

We host a rich research higher degree (RHD) program as part of its commitment to promoting a research-rich culture that transcends across disciplines.

Many of our RHD students, both domestics and international, are current health practitioners which makes research-led translational practice more authentic.

We also participate in the newly established multidisciplinary Flinders Digital Health Research Centre which also offers RHD opportunities.

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