Academic Staff

 Dr Pammi Raghavendra 

PhD Course Coordinator and Associate Professor
08 8201 3426

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Dr Kerrie Lante

Postgraduate Course Coordinator and Lecturer

08 8201 5094

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Ms Ruth Crocker  

Graduate Certificate Course Coordinator and Lecturer
08 8201 3423

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Ms June Alexander

First Year Coordinator and Lecturer
 08 8201 3902

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Dr Michelle Bellon

Senior Lecturer
 08 8201 3645

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Mr Greg Carey

 08 8201 3430

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Dr Fiona Rillotta

Honours Coordinator and Lecturer
 08 8201 2108

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Ms Charmaine Mahar

 08 8201 3448

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Dr Ruth Walker

Undergraduate Course Coordinator and Senior Lecturer

08 8201 7936

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Ms Lorraine Lindsay

BDDE Online Course Development

08 8201 3431

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Ms Peggy Essl

Practicum Coordinator/Administrative Officer
08 8201 5221

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Adjunct Staff

Associate Prof Verity Bottroff

Verity is the former head of Disability and Community Inclusion. Now retired, she maintains her association with Disability and Community Inclusion, and her involvement with postgraduate research students.

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Dr Jerry Ford

Senior Lecturer

Jerry is the former Coordinator for Honours and Postgraduate Programs. Now retired, he maintains his assocation with Disability and Comminity Inclusion, and his involvement with postgraduate research students.

  Prof Richard Bruggemann

   Professorial Fellow

Dr Brian Matthews

Brian was the Course Coordinator of the Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education and the Head of Unit for several years after Verity Bottroff's retirement. Now retired, he maintains his association with Disability and Community Inclusion in the supervision of PhD students as well as acting as a cosupervisor/external advisor on disability issues for PhD students in Regional and Rural Health (Flinders), Education (Flinders), Psychology (Flinders), and Education (Adelaide). He is also employed as a part time Problem Based Learning tutor in the first and second years of the Flinders University Medical course.

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Dr Paul Jewell

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Professional/Associated Staff


Ms Jaime Gardner

Manager - Community Re-entry Program
 08 8201 3311

 0407 709 085

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Ms Liz Pascoe

Coordinator - Disability Advisory and Support Service
08 8201 5189



Jenny Widdop

Coordinator - Up the Hill Project

08 8201 3382

Ms Sandi Sando

Coordinator - Community Re-entry Program

08 8201 3311

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