‘Our aim was to help build the capacity of community based organisations and local governments to promote healthy eating'.

HELPP recognised that eating is enjoyable and that sharing food and eating together play an important social role, particularly in local government and non-government settings.

HELPP worked with an organisation or council to develop a healthy eating policy. A healthy eating policy is very empowering for an organisation wanting to encourage healthy food choices at their venues and events. A healthy eating policy makes healthy food choices easier by making nutritious foods more accessible and available. Role modelling by organisations is powerful in helping to bring about change.

HELPP supported the Go for 2&5® and Swap It, Don't Stop It campaigns that encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables and swap unhealthy eating and lifestyle behaviours for healthier ones.

HELPP also aimed to work with organisations to build their capacity to develop or strengthen existing food literacy programs for their local community.

HELPP, in partnership with many stakeholders, developed a number of food literacy programs for organisations to access and run within their communities.  HELPP also supported many local governments to develop healthy eating policy.

If you are an organisation or ocuncil who would like to develeop healthy eating policy or run a food literacy program, please download our free resources.

HELPP was a three year state-wide project funded by SA Health and led by Nutrition & dietetics, Flinders University.



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