February is Fruit 'n' Veg Month in SA


The HELPP team invite you to join in the many events being held to celebrate the annual Fruit and Vegetable Month throughout February in S.A.

In 2013 The month kicked off at the Adelaide Showground Farmer's Market on Sunday 3 February with SA Masterchefs Callum Hann and Michael Weldon racing against the clock in a healthy cook-off.

Be a part of the great activities being held throughout the month at lots of different locations throughout the state.

We encourage everyone to get cracking and make a commitment to eat more fruit and vegetables throughout February!

Activities you can be involved in are:

  • Use the toolkit for ideas of activities to do with your community such  Community ‘Cook Offs' with local celebrities or Celebrity Chefs
  • Activities at local Country Fair or FestivalFood demonstrations
  • The ‘2 minute challenge to pack a lunchbox' activity
  • Use the toolkit for ideas of activities to do at work
  • Enrol in the Lunch box Challenge 
  • Provide a bowl of fruit at work
  • Host a shared lunch (bring foods from different cultures)
  • Send out a promotional email every week with a recipe from the Go for 2&5® website
  • Adopt a healthy eating policy for your workplace

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Did you know that diets high in fruit and vegetables have been shown to be associated with a lower risk of cancer, and a lower risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.



Wow!  What a Launch!  The HELPP team with celebrity chefs Callum Hann and Michael Weldon at the launch of Fruit ‘n' Vegetable Month.


Fruit 'n' Veg month video and photo gallery

View the video of the launch of Fruit 'n' Veg Month Launch

Callum Hann and Michael Weldon

Callum Hann, Cobba Corn, Simone Cunningham (Zero Waste SA), Michael Weldon


Callum Hann, Julian Carbone (Adelaide Produce Market), Cobba Corn, Michael Weldon

Callum Hann, Emilee Krollig, Liz House, Michael Weldon