Local Governments provide programs and services which make significant and positive contributions to the health and wellbeing of their communities. They have an important role to play in creating supportive healthy eating environments. See A Guide to Healthy Catering -Healthy Food Choices in LOCAL GOVERNMENT 210114 (PDF 3MB) .

Councils can encourage and support their staff, clients and visitors to eat healthily by developing a healthy eating policy which will apply to all situations where food and drinks are supplied.

Since late 2011, the peak body for local councils, the Local Government Association (LGA), various councils, the Heart Foundation, HELPP and other key organisations worked towards developing a healthy eating policy framework for all 68 councils in South Australia along with supporting resources.

By December 2013, fifteen Councils and the LGA had developed and implemented a healthy eating policy using the state wide template.  Another nine councils were also developing one.

Getting Started with a Healthy Eating Policy. 

If you are a Council interested in developing a healthy eating policy, please download these free healthy eating policy templates, resources and case studies.

This website also has resources to help your organisation provide healthy catering.

The LGA is a partner in this work, and materials and resources can also be downloaded from their website.

   What is Health Eating Policy?

   Healthy Eating Policy Template (PDF 45KB)

   Healthy Eating Case Studies

   Healthy Catering in Local Governments


 visit the Local Government Association website for more information


Sustaining Change and Staying Connected Forum

LGO Sustaining ChangeStaying Connected Forum (PDF 277KB)      14 November 2013

Presentations - key speakers  

Wendy Keech, CEO Heart Foundation - State of Play (PDF 769KB)

Julie-Anne McWhinnie, Chief Project Officer SA Health - Food Matters What role can Councils play in the future (PDF 999KB)

Louisa Matwiejczyk,Project Manager, HELPP -Two Years Later What has changed (PDF 1MB)

Presentations - lightening speakers  

Jacki Evans, OPAL Project Officer, City of Playford - Evaluating Healthy Eating Policies (PDF 726KB)

Courtney Blacker, OPAL Manager, Mid Murray Council -Communicating Healthy Eating Policy (PDF 1MB)

Adam Trottman, OPAL Manager, City of Salisbury - Food Plans (PDF 465KB)

Cathie Graham,Healthy Community Initiative Coordinator, City of Salisbury - Creating an environment for change (PDF 1MB)

Fraser Keegan, OPAL Manager, City of Marion - Making a splash with food in aquatic centres (PDF 1MB)

Ali Trewartha, Healthy Community Initiative Worker, City of Holdfast Bay - Working with sporting Clubs (PDF 294KB)

Fiona Dunt, Healthy Community Initiative Coordinator, Campbelltown City Council - Progressing to a Healthy Eating Policy (PDF 597KB)

Terri Lamoree, OPAL Coordinator, City of west Torrens - Working with Caterers (No Power Point)