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Food and diet


Foodswitch allows you to find the healthier choice when comparing food categories by scanning the bar code on products.

It instantly shows if there are healthier choices available and allows the user to create lists for future reference.

FoodSwitch also has a SaltSwitch and GlutenSwitch mode.

Cost: Free

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8700 Lists over 3,000 fast foods from larger Australian fast food outlets and allows consumers to:

  • convert kilojoules to calories
  • calculate how many kilojoules they should consume to maintain a healthy weight
  • calculate how much energy is burned during exercise.

Cost: Free

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8700 website

Helps Consumers make healthier choices if they choose to eat at fast food outlets.

The site is maintained by the NSW Government.

Visit the 8700 website




There are many apps to help users reach the goal of running 5 kilometres in 9 weeks, Couch-to-5k is one of the most popular ones.

You can choose the gender of your trainer and how hard they push you. Users can also integrate their own playlist to run to.

Cost: $1.99 iPhone version, $2.86 Android version

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Other useful apps

Better Health Channel

This app allows users to access health information articles on the go as well as healthy recipes and the ability to make a shopping list.

Users can also set personalised alerts for temperature, pollen and UV

Cost: Free

Download the Better Health Channel for iPhones

The Better Health Channel website

This site has a reputation for providing high quality health information. It is maintained by the Victorian Department of Health.

Visit the Better Health Channel website


Swap It Don't Stop It

The app allows users access to all of the website materials plus the ability to set ‘swap it' alerts

Cost: Free

Down load Swap It Don't Stop it for iPhones


Shape up Australia

Shape up Australia is a new website where you will find infrmation about Swap it, don't stop it! information, including 12 week planners which help users reach their long and short term health goals.

Visit the Shape Up Australia website