Organisations can play an important role in building the capacity of their staff, clients and community to enhance their health and prevent disease through improved nutrition.

HELPP has worked with organisations to develop a healthy eating policy.

Successful healthy eating policies have four elements in common:

  • they are developed through wide consultation
  • they recognise the social, structural and ecoomic determinants of healthy eating
  • the developers are the implementers
  • they are flexible to suit an organisation's culture


HELPP ceased in December 2013, however staff in Nutrition & Dietetics Flinders University have a consultancy.                                                                                                                                

We can assist you to identify, develop and implement a healthy eating policy, along with a range of food literacy programs tailored to meet your organisation's needs.

HELPP also worked with a number of organisations to develop food literacy (nutrition education) programs that non-nutritionists can implement.  These are ideal for non-government organisations, community centres and worksites.  The programs are free to download.


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