Choose from the following options to find information and resources that can assist you to promote change and bring about healthy eating outcomes.

null   Lunchbox Challenge

      A one week challenge for workplaces

  Lunchbox Demonstrations

      Fun, short demonstrations for workplaces, events or programs

null   Toolkits

      Several toolkits with ideas and instructions for health promotion activities for workplaces, events,  programs and festivals

null   Fact Sheets

      More than 20 fact sheets on healthy eating, festivals, healthy eating policy & more

null   More than Nutrition: Cultures & Cuisines

      32 page booklet updated & reprinted with permission from Liverpool Health Service NSW

null   Let's Look at the Facts

      Position papers giving the facts on controversial topics in nutrition

null   February is Fruit 'n' Veg Month

      Ideas and a HELPP case study to promote increased fruit & vegetable consumption by the community.