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Food and nutrition is important across the whole lifecycle for health, well-being, mental and physical performance and for social and cultural interactions.

Research informs our knowledge of the specific role of food and nutrition as determinants of our health and performance and provides the evidence we need for effective interventions in clinical, community, public health nutrition and dietetic practice.

Collaboration is important for conducting successful research, and in particular, for multidisciplinary research. We are keen to strengthen our existing collaborations and in parallel, develop new collaborations with a wide range of health professionals, academics, industry and researchers.

The Nutrition and Dietetics team are working in the five strategic research areas highlighted above.

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Latest publications

A longitudinal investigation of overweight children's body perception and satisfaction during a weight management program
O'Connor, J.N., Golley, R.K., Perry, R.A., Magarey, A.M., Truby, H. (2015) Appetite, 85, pp. 48-51.

The influence of maternal infant feeding practices and beliefs on the expression of food neophobia in toddlers
Cassells, E.L., Magarey, A.M., Daniels, L.A., Mallan, K.M. (2014) Appetite, 82, pp. 36-42.

Maternal feeding self-efficacy and fruit and vegetable intakes in infants. Results from the SAIDI study
Koh, G.A., Scott, J.A., Woodman, R.J., Kim, S.W., Daniels, L.A., Magarey, A.M. (2014) Appetite, 81, pp. 44-51.

A short food-group-based dietary questionnaire is reliable and valid for assessing toddlers' dietary risk in relatively advantaged samples
Bell, L.K., Golley, R.K., Magarey, A.M. (2014) British Journal of Nutrition, 112 (4), pp. 627-637.

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