Physiotherapy clinic at ViTA

Physiotherapy research

Our team of experienced physiotherapy researchers conduct collaborative research in the Effectiveness of Therapy Research Group which is part of the Centre for Clinical Change and Health Care Research.

This multidisciplinary group enhances the effectiveness of therapy interventions for improved health and well-being across the lifespan from community to rural settings.

We have a broad range of interests and expertise in the evaluation of current physiotherapy practice and the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions in a range of healthy, neurological and orthopaedic populations.


Current research interests

  • Group exercise and education interventions in neurological rehabilitation
  • Digital technologies, virtual reality and mobile applications for healthy ageing and rehabilitation
  • Interventions for monitoring and improving physical activity and sedentary behaviour across the lifespan
  • Evaluation of current physiotherapy practice and implementation of evidence-based guidelines acute care, neurological and musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Online case conferencing for professional development of physiotherapists


Research higher degree projects

RHD candidate project list