Public Health

Welcome to Public Health. We offer Graduate Certificates in Public Health and Primary Health Care and Masters, Doctorate and PhD courses.

Our aim is to promote health and healthy environments in Australia and overseas by advocating for and advancing multi-disciplinary public health research, teaching and practice.

We are committed to local and global action to address the social factors leading to ill health and health inequities.

We aim to play our part in drawing the attention of society to the social determinants of health that are known to be among the worst causes of poor health and inequalities between and within countries.

The determinants include unemployment, unsafe workplaces, urban slums, globalization and inequities in access to health care services and systems.

We have experience as researchers and practitioners in a variety of health arenas and primary health care roles.

We come from a range of disciplines including sociology, epidemiology, human geography, cultural anthropology, nutrition and psychology.

Our vision

We share a vision of health that unites our teaching, research and professional practice.

This vision, first articulated in the WHO 'Health For All' statement, emphasises the importance of front line workers who are able to

  • foster, promote and protect health and well-being
  • recognise and reduce disease and disability
  • reduce health inequalities
  • improve access to services.

These focus areas are central to contemporary global agreements such as the Jakarta Declaration and the Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion.

In Australia, the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission recommended a key reform goal as "Tackling major access and equity issues that affect health outcomes for people now", which is also supported by the Council of Australian Governments. Our aim is to equip students with knowledge and skills to enable them to work towards these important goals and policy recommendations.

We are affiliated with or are members of several professional associations.