Speech Pathology

Communicating and eating are two very important parts of everyone’s life. Speech pathologists provide services for persons across the lifespan whose educational, vocational, personal and social functioning is affected by communication or swallowing impairment resulting from developmental difficulties, social disadvantage, illness or accident. Speech pathologists also work closely with caregivers, services and communities to improve the quality of life for people with communication or swallowing impairments.

Why choose Speech Pathology

Speech pathology provides diverse and flexible career opportunities. You will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills regarding the scientific and social aspects of communication and swallowing and apply them to working with others to solve complex and interesting problems. Our graduates typically find employment quickly, depending on their willingness to work in any field, state or country areas.

Why Speech Pathology at Flinders


  • we offer a range of programs, including bachelors, honours and postgraduate programs.
  • The department is student-friendly, with the majority of topics taught within the department by award-winning lecturers who have a broad range of expertise
  • We are proud of our innovative, case-based integrated curriculum and the high level of practical experience provided throughout the degree. Students have diverse opportunities for placements supervised by dedicated clinical educators who value student learning and offer unique workplace-based practical experiences
  • We have an active and engaged student body (FUSPAA)
  • Our undergraduate, honours and masters in speech pathology programs are accredited by Speech Pathology Australia