The Honours Program coordinator: Dr Angela Lawless

Eligible third year undergraduate speech pathology students can enrol in the Honours Program part time over two years. 

To be eligible for the Honours Program students in Speech Pathology should have a GPA of 5.5 or above.

Considering undertaking Honours?

The practise of Speech Pathology involves integrating research with clinical practice. 

Skills learned in an Honours program assist your understanding of the relationship between evidence-base and practice, as well as project planning and management. 

Undertaking an Honours project provides future opportunities for undertaking higher degrees, such as a Masters or PhD.

"I think honours is a really good way to have a go at research, because you have the support of your supervisor, the topic coordinator and access to 'PD' sessions - basically it makes research seem do-able.  At my workplace and I'm sure at many other workplaces there is an increasing focus on evaluating outcomes and conducting research, and that seems less intimidating when you have done an honours project, because you are familiar with the process."

Amelia, Hons Grad. 2010

How is an Honours program structured?

The programme runs at the same time as the third and fourth year program of the undergraduate degree with a nine point overload.

Support seminars are conducted across the two years. 

In third year tasks include:

  • project proposal of 500 words
  • literature review of 3,000 words
  • ethics application.

In the fourth year, a research project is conducted and two brief progress presentations made.

Grades are awarded based on a 10,000 word thesis and 45 minute oral presentation. 

Clinical placements are undertaken between third and fourth year and then after the thesis is submitted.

The Process of enrolment in an Honours Program

The Co-coordinator of the Honours Program invites students to apply at the end of the last semester in second year.

Students apply in writing by the end of November. The application must include a cover letter and transcript.

Eligibility requirements are a GPA of 5.5 over two years, or distinction average in the second year. 

Applicants are selected by the Honours Committee and offers are made by the end of the year.

Project examples

Projects undertaken in 2011 and 2012 can be viewed by contacting