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Clinical Teaching and Education Centre

The Flinders University Clinical Teaching and Education Centre (CTEC) is a hub for interprofessional, simulation  and healthy ageing research projects.

We facilitate team training for medical, nursing and allied health students in the care of older people.

Supporting a healthy ageing agenda, we also contribute to research initiatives involving other universities, local councils, government and non-government organisations.

CTEC was established in July 2014 as a collaboration between ACH Group, SA Health and Flinders University. We are housed at ViTA which is adjacent to the Repatriation General Hospital (RGH), Daw Park.

Contact - Phone: 08 7221 8745  |  Location: ViTA, Rockville Ave, Daw Park


Teaching activities

Advanced simulation environment at CTEC CTEC is fitted with state-of-the-art audio visual and networking capabilities which support the provision of an advanced technological teaching, learning and simulation environment. The result of this is enriched student experiences delivered through simulated learning and reinforced with practical application of knowledge through patient interaction.

Interprofessional education immersion days are provided for health students on placement at RGH and ViTA. These are full day learning opportunities where a combination of didactic teaching, small group discussions and clinical simulations allow students to generate differing viewpoints, facilitate networking between disciplines and treat ‘patients’ in a live learning environment.

In 2016, about 100 students were involved across the study areas of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, speech pathology, dietetics, social work and exercise physiology.

Student learning activities will increase in 2017 through alternate clinical initiatives which are being developed with local councils.

All of these projects are designed to deliver graduates who meet the requirements of tomorrow’s workforce and increase graduate employability.


Research projects and collaborations

Ageing and functional decline

Prioritising health needs for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness using screening activities and sustainable health service development.

This project aims to understand the functional decline and health needs of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and inform the design of a sustainable integrated service response to meet those needs.

Pilot data will be used for a future NHMRC partnership application. It will also contribute to a health Social Impact Bond (SIB) application with the Australian Government in 2017.

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Professor Michael Kidd - Flinders University (Southgate Institute)
  • Professor John Coveney - Flinders University (Health Sciences)
  • Professor Anthony Maeder - Flinders University (Digital Health Solutions)
  • Kate Barnett - FBS
  • Margie Steffens - The University of Adelaide
  • Julie Duncan - Common Ground
  • Tracey Dodd - Common Ground
  • Nicky Baker - Flinders University (CTEC)


Community dwelling health assessments. Assessing health in active 40 to 75 year olds.

Students from nine health disciplines will conduct comprehensive assessments for functional decline in seemingly?healthy, community?living people aged 40 to 75 years.

The health outcome data will support and inform the methodology of a future NHMRC partnership application for a longitudinal study to determine critical features of functional decline (FD); evaluate the reliability, sensitivity and specificity of screening assessments and effectiveness of interventions for critical features of early FD over a four-year period.

This project is a partnership with Salisbury, Marion and Holdfast Bay councils, NAB health and UniSA.

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Professor Michael Kidd - Flinders University (Southgate Institute)
  • Associate Professor Ann Harrington - Flinders University (Nursing & Midwifery)
  • Professor Karen Grimmer - UniSA
  • Dr Lynda Norton - Flinders University (Health and Exercise Sciences)
  • Professor Stacey George - Flinders University (Rehabilitation and Aged Care)
  • Joanne Menadue - Salisbury Council
  • Cassandra Gibson-Pope - Marion Council
  • Monica DuPlessis - Holdfast Bay Council
  • Craig Moore - NAB Health group


Fast Track to Good Lives.

This ACH Group project is exploring multidisciplinary interventions to reverse frailty in people aged over 70 years. Professor Sue Gordon is a member of the advisory committee, lead ethics application and analysis of the My Home Care, Telstra trial.


Limprint - Lymphoedema IMpact and PRevalence – INTernational Lympoedema Framework.

LIMPRINT is an international epidemiology study aimed at capturing the size and impact of chronic oedema in different countries and health services across the world. The focus is to provide evidence to support the development and reimbursement of services.

LIMPRINT allows both a population-based study approach that looks at the proportion of a population found to be living with lymphoedema, as well as a facility-based approach that profiles the nature of the patient population in specific health care settings.

To date, 16 countries have shown an interest in the study and sites in the UK, Japan and Denmark have already collected data.


  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Professor Christine Moffatt - Nottingham University
  • Susie Murray - international project manager
  • Dr Malou van Zanten - Flinders University (Surgery)
  • Joanne Lawson - ACH Group
  • Trudy Sutton - ACH Group
  • Leah Watkins - ACH Group


Technology and ageing

Exploring current practices, opportunities and barriers to using technological solutions to improve quality of life in Community and Residential Aged Care Settings.

A recent successful Flinders University group is enabling this collaborative group to explore the use of technology to improve the health of older people.

Project team

  • Associate Professor Belinda Lange - Flinders University (Physiotherapy)
  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Professor Karen Reynolds - Flinders University (Medical Device Research Institute)
  • Anne-Marie Gillard - ACH Group
  • Jan van Emden - Helping Hand
  • Dr Lucy Lewis - Flinders University (Physiotherapy)
  • Jill Williams - Flinders University (Physiotherapy)
  • David Hobbs - Flinders University (Medical Device Research Institute)


Developing a technology roadmap for the aged care sector in Australia.

This project, funded by the Aged Care Industry Information Council (ACIITC), aims to develop a ‘clear and concise mapping’ of the technological requirements of the aged care sector.

This roadmap will also provide industry recommendations on how technology may complement the recently released report from the Australian Government’s Aged Care Sector Committee.

Project team

  • Professor Karen Reynolds - Flinders University (Medical Device Research Institute)
  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Professor Anthony Maeder - Flinders University (Digital Health Solutions)
  • Kate Barnett - FBS
  • David Hobbs - Flinders University (Medical Device Research Institute)


Leadership and education

Contextualising and evaluating the ‘My Home Life’ program for Australia.

My Home Life (MHL) is an initiative that promotes quality of life and delivers positive change in residential care facilities for older people.

It trains aged care managers to incorporate an evidence based, relationship centred approach to care, and support leadership actions that change cultures to ensure high quality care for older people.

Currently run across the United Kingdom, this project aims to revise the MHL program for the Australian context; develop and pilot alternate resources where required; then roll out and evaluate the program.

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • The Innovation Hub
  • Professor Belinda Dewar - University of the West of Scotland (Practice Improvement)
  • Professor Julienne Meyer City University of London (Nursing: Care for Older People)


Clinical supervision

This study will measure current practices and staff perspectives of clinical supervision to advise future practice and alternate models. Focus group interviews are planned at three Southern Adelaide Local Health Network sites - FMC, RGH, Noarlunga Health Service.

Research team

Nicky Baker – Flinders University (CTEC)

  • Jill Garner - SA Health
  • Liz Kapur - SA Health
  • Associate Professor Belinda Lange - Flinders University (Physiotherapy)


Teaching interprofessional practice using Telehealth: effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility.

This study investigates the use of Telehealth by health students on placement at rural sites to participate via videoconference in interprofessional team simulations with specialised patients at CTEC.

  • Research candidate: Nicky Baker
  • Supervisors: Dr Stacey George, Professor Sharon Lawn and Professor Sue Gordon


Interprofessional clinical educator training

A one-and-a-half-day workshop was developed and delivered in Nuriootpa in November 2016 for clinical educators from medical, nursing, allied health and high school teaching backgrounds.

The aim was to increase the capacity of rural health practitioners to supervise health students in an interprofessional clinical setting.

The workshop will be delivered to other locations in 2017.

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Nicky Baker - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Dr David Lim - Flinders Rural Health SA
  • Dr Elena Rudnick - Flinders Rural Health SA
  • Dr Vanessa Ryan - Flinders Rural Health SA


Understanding the process of verbal and non-verbal communication of students during IP activities.
  • PhD candidate: Dr Beryl Buckby
  • Supervisors:
    • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
    • Dr Kerry McBain - James Cook University
    • Dr Christopher Lind - Flinders University (Speech Pathology)


Understanding and measuring student outcomes of placement in an aged care facility.

This project aims to determine:

  • if the current induction process, which may include the ‘Positively Gold’ induction day, and the student placement at ACH Group alters student knowledge and attitudes to older people and ageing;
  • if student readiness for work with older people changes as a result of a placement in aged care; and
  • which aspects of placement in an aged care setting are most valued by students.

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Kirsty Marles - ACH Group
  • Chris Stopp - ACH Group
  • Samantha Manoel - ACH Group
  • Sue Biernaux - ACH Group
  • Nicky Baker - Flinders University (CTEC)


What does IPP mean? Interprofessional Practice perceptions in aged care.

The aged care sector is a complex environment that is reliant on effective team-based care and collaboration across a range of service providers. This project will explore the understanding and experiences of all stakeholders in the aged care sector with respect to IPP. The project outcomes will inform interprofessional education at tertiary and postgraduate levels and IPP service delivery in the aged sector

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Dr Adrian Schoo - Flinders Rural Health SA
  • Professor Sharon Lawn - Flinders University (Psychiatry)
  • ACH Group


Patient care

Quality of life in residential facilities

In partnership with ACH Group, this summer research scholarship is a systematic review which aims to establish quality of life measures for people in residential care facilities.

  • Speech Pathology student: Lachlan Davidson
  • Supervisors
    • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
    • Samantha Manoel - ACH Group


Identifying and managing aggression in aged care

The aim of the project is to improve the ability of female, aged care workers to identify and manage aggressive behaviour.

A reference group will be formed to develop partnership opportunities and explore the opportunity to transfer the learnings of this project to other organisations where aggression is an issue.

Project team

  • Professor Sue Gordon - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Nicky Baker - Flinders University (CTEC)
  • Associate Professor David Gillham - Flinders University (Nursing & Midwifery)
  • Associate Professor Lily Xiao - Flinders University (Nursing & Midwifery)
  • Dr Anita De Bellis - Flinders University (Nursing & Midwifery)
  • Lenore de la Perelle - ACH Group
  • Jodie Roberts - ACH Group


Systematic review: Contributing factors to positive person centred care: The patient perspective.

Advanced studies student: Daniel Jaensch

Supervisors: Professor Sue Gordon and Nicky Baker - Flinders University (CTEC)




We work with all areas of Flinders University that provide health professional education as well as the Flinders engineering and rural health groups.

External collaborators include:

  • The University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Torrens University
  • the councils of Salisbury, Holdfast Bay and Marion
  • NAB health group
  • RDNS
  • ACH Group
  • Southern Cross Homes
  • Helping Hand
  • The Innovation Hub
  • Common Ground
  • SA Health


Meet our team

Sue Gordon Nicky Baker
Sue Gordon Nicky Baker
Strategic Professor, Chair of Restorative Care in Ageing Clinical Lead,
Interprofessional Practice
Lyn Steele Julie Clifford
Lynn Steele Julie Clifford
Clinical Supervisor, Inspiring Health project Project Manager

Tania Marin Alice Bradley
Tania Marin Alice Bradley
Research Associate Research assistant

  Tennealle Direen  

Tennealle Direen
Research assistant