The Outside Studies Program (OSP) provides academic staff with a period free from normal academic responsibilities (while receiving substantive salary) for the purpose of:

  • pursuing sustained research and scholarly enrichment in another institution or research organisation
  • gaining experience in teaching and supervision
  • gaining experience in course and curriculum development
  • upgrading professional expertise by placement with a government agency, professional organisation or private industry
  • enhancing artistic performance and creative growth
  • re-training for new roles within the University
  • keeping abreast of recent developments and improvements in research techniques
  • undertaking studies for the completion of a higher degree.

Purpose of the OSP

The purpose of the OSP is to maintain and enhance the quality of the University's teaching and research and its international profile.

By working at other institutions or with external communities, staff on the OSP make the achievements of the University more widely known, so that Flinders University can be recognised nationally and internationally for contributing to global education and for benefiting communities.

The OSP is expected to contribute to the professional growth of academic staff such that their capacity to contribute to activities consistent with the strategic objectives of the University is enhanced.

The OSP provides the opportunity for academic staff to:

  • undertake sustained research and scholarly activities
  • advance the quality and scope of teaching and supervision
  • keep abreast of recent developments

outside the University, which they are not able to undertake effectively while carrying out normal academic responsibilities.

Who can apply for the OSP?

All members of the University's teaching staff occupying posts at fractions of 0.4 and above (excluding casual and research-only staff) are eligible to accrue qualifying service for outside studies.

To be eligible to take an initial OSP program you must:

  • have had your appointment confirmed on a continuing basis (continuing/convertible appointees)
  • have served three continuous years continuously (fixed-term appointees)
  • have an appointment of sufficient length to allow you to return to the University for a period equal to twice the length of the approved program or a period of six months, whichever is the lesser
  • not be about to resign or retire, unless the return requirements above can be met and substantial benefits to the Cost Centre/University can be demonstrated.

Notwithstanding eligibility, participation in the OSP is a privilege and is based on the needs of the University, the nature of the proposed program and the capacity of the staff member to make effective use of the OSP period.

Why apply for the OSP?

The OSP provides benefits to both the University as a whole and staff members.

The University expects the development of academic staff through the undertaking of the OSP to be evidenced by an output of publications, teaching achievements, or other relevant material.

For staff members, the OSP can be a vital component of academic careers:

  • allowing you to further your career
  • helping you meet performance requirements by giving you dedicated time for scholarly pursuit or professional development.